Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seen any good movies lately?

So I am at a loss of what to post about lately. But I don't want to be one of those people who has a blog but doesn't update it. SO, here are some movies I've seen over the last few months. What are some movies you've seen???

-"The Breakup"--I liked the movie but the ending was frustrating!
-"Memoirs of a Geisha"--Loved it.
-"The Color Purple"--Totally an old movie but so good! We both really enjoyed it.
-"Hide and Seek"--Really scary and suspenseful.
-"Meet the Fockers"--Pretty funny.
-"Fahrenheit 9/11"--Ah, Michael Moore. Never thought I'd ever watch one of his movies, but the truth is I find him amusing. There are things in this film that I think people should see. Footage of Iraq, the war, interviews with Iraqis, etc. When all was said and done Kevin and I both were glad to have seen it (even though we didn't agree with all of Michael Moore's opinions.)
-"Beloved"--Really weird movie. Looked like some inspirational story/drama from the cover, but it is really scary and icky and just bizarre. I don't recommend it--pretty much a waste of time. :)
-"My Date with Drew"--So fun! Definitely a fun documentary to watch. Kevin and I both got a kick out of it.
-"Crash"--Excellent movie, really thought-provoking (though not the feel-good movie of the year)


Christal said...

I am so glad you have the same feelings about the ending of The Break-Up! I was so disappointed that they didn't get back together!!:o(

Jeannett Gibson said...

BEWARE. You mentioned Michael Moore. This blog entry may result in a record breaking number of comments. You may want to consider banning Andy from posting.

Btw, you guys watch a lot of movies...I don't think I've seen even ONE movie in the last couple of years!

Brianna Heldt said...

Christal--I KNOW!!! I was so bummed when the credits started going...btw I heard your grad party was great, I am so sorry we couldn't come!

Jeannett--He, he, maybe we can hit 80 comments this time! (Have you seen any of M.M.'s movies?) As for watching a lot of movies, we wait till they come out to rent and get them at Albertsons (only $1!) We really don't watch TV so it's something nice to do in the evening after the kids are in bed.

sarah said...

I am pretty jealous of your high number of movies. I have to agree that Crash is awesome, in a depressing, thought-provoking way. The only other movie I've seen in the last few months was "The Constant Gardener" which was also depressing and thought-provoking. My absolute favorite type of movie!

Andy Gibson said...

Just do a searh on Google, you'll see what a load Moore is. He's a commie piece of poop.

I have seen none of those movies on your list except Fockers and 9/11.

Avery said...

Constant Gardener, a must see

Crash, a must see

Memiors of a Geisha, ok- I liked it, but I'm ok if I never see it again

V for Vendetta - great movie

Office Space - is my life

Monty Python - is where my brain spends time in my life

Kevin Heldt said...

Such a way with words Andy... ;) It's true he makes some ridiculous conclusions and sometimes I wasn't sure what point he was trying to make.

I just appreciated getting to see a lot of video footage (mainly of Iraq, and there was a pretty sweet 10 min thing on Arab American comedians in the special features) that you don't otherwise get to see. I commented to Brianna that I wish there was some TV show that just showed "day in the life" type stuff of different countries. I'd totally watch something like that. It is a good reminder that wherever you go, people are people and we need to respond to the real facts (something all of us, very much including Mr. Moore, should keep in mind) and not the stereotypes and the rhetoric that comes to us from all sides.

Michael said...

I refuse to be goaded in...REFUSE!!! :) I haven't seen any of those movies. We are always about 6-8 months behind once movies hit NETFLIX. We did just see 28 dayss finally (only 6 years late) and In Her Shoes, which I am going to admit to liking. What's it with me a chick flicks. I'm a sappy sucker I tell you. I liked it!

Rachel said...

Just Like Heaven is my current favorite movie!

Andy Gibson said...

Kev, if you want to know what life is like in another country, you need to watch a documentary, not propaganda.

While I respect what you are trying to do, if you want to know what Iraq (specifically) is like now, you're probably best to talk to a soldier.

Meg said...

if you are into sci fi Firefly is a great miniseries (i call it that because it didn't make it into a "lets keep it on the air series") and then the movie serenity.....I'm not a huge sci fi person and I LOVE both- my husband made me watch them and I'm so glad he did.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Nightmare Before Christmas is a good movie. I used to own it on DVD, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Weird. :0)

Brianna Heldt said...

Rachel I have not seen "Just Like Heaven"; I will have to check that out.

Jeannett, haha, we started watching it during the kids' naptime a couple weekends ago and haven't finished it yet (ran out of time.) The day after we started watching it we could not get the "This is Halloween" song out of our heads! We were sitting there at breakfast and Kevin and I kept bursting into song. Didn't take long for Anna to join in, dancing in her high chair singing "this is halloween."

With my luck she will show up to Sunday School some Sunday singing that! BUT, I will just have to say that the official Grace Church Nursery Director loaned us the movie!!! :)

Nohe 5 said...

Super Troopers. It is very funny in an adolescent way. But still funny.

Kevin Heldt said...

Great Lemony Snickets Batman! A Series of Unfortunate Events was a FANTASTIC film. We just saw it last night. I was SO into it. Some seriously funny parts and overall it was just so clever, well-acted, and just well done! Very pro-"the value of children" too which I always appreciate. Oh, and the music was sweet! I'm seriously considering the soundtrack.

Andy, I fully understand that the movie was largely propaganda (I'm reading through a very interesting website about the "59 Deceits of Fahrenheit 911" right now at: http://www.davekopel.com/Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm) but that doesn't mean that it's not really interesting to see raw footage of interviews with people in a totally different place. Do I think that Moore's "sampling of the populace" was necessarily representative? Of course not. But I do believe that these people were sharing their honest thoughts on things and weren't reading some script. And even though I have the same strong disapproval towards the way he lies about facts as I did about how Dan Brown does, some of the topics in his movie are important ones worth having thought-through opinions on, the war in Iraq being probably the best example. And I have spoken with a Marine who was in Iraq for a long time -- he just had his coming home party a few weeks ago -- and his reporting on what the people were like was that they were just normal people who wanted to live and work and have their families. They're not overly concerned with the politics of it. That's something that we should take for granted about most people everywhere, but it is easy for stereotypes and snap judgments to cause us to think that some people are far more different from us than they actually are.

Jeannett, I've heard of that movie. Started to watch it one time but then got sidetracked looking for this book of mine that seems to be misplaced...

Jeannett Gibson said...

Hmmm, weird. Maybe there's some Santa Maria teleporting thing where random items get sent to other households?

That, or we both just like to borrow things from one another for an extended period of time. No late fees!

Rachel said...

the books for a series of unfortunate events are way better. After reading them for year swith my students the fikm was somewhat dissapointing. The kids were well cast though.


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