Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I passed!

I got this math test from one of my favorite blogs, Mary's Owlhaven, and I got a 9/10 right! Yippee! I think that's a far better score than I ever got in my 8th grade honors math class! I've never liked math all that much I have to admit...give me an essay to write any day. We have talked about wanting to homeschool our children once they reach school age, and suffice it to say that Kevin will be the "go-to guy" for their math. It just hurts my brain too much! Now go follow the link and take the test yourself!

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Yosef and Biniam!

Today is Yosef and Biniam's birthday (though in Ethiopia it was yesterday as they are several hours ahead of us.) It is sad not being with them for their first birthday (especially since they aren't for sure "ours" yet), but hopefully it won't be much longer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOSEF AND BINIAM! We love you and hope to bring you home very, very soon!

(I just heard from our agency today. They received a call from the "father" of the family earlier this week assuring them he did want to get things settled quickly and that the agency's lawyer would be hearing from the family's lawyer soon, but hasn't happened yet. (Personally I think they missed getting things "settled quickly" awhile back...) SO we took this to at least mean that yes this family is still wanting to relinquish the boys, it's just a matter of time. And let's hope it happens soon!!!)

Monday, January 23, 2006


I got tagged! By Mary, from http://owhlhaven.blogspot.com. I love these sorts of things! (And somehow the formatting got messed up but oh well, I have no clue how to fix it.)

Four jobs you have had in your life:

-Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
-Taco Bell (hey only for 3 months!)
-Office Manager for Assemblyman Abel Madonado
-Nanny (for 5 kids 10 and under!)

Four movies you'd watch over and over:

-When Harry Met Sally
-You've Got Mail
-Cheaper By the Dozen
-Either of the Father of the Bride movies

Four places you've lived:

-Creston, CA
-San Luis Obispo, CA
-Santa Barbara, CA
-Santa Maria, CA

Four TV shows you love to watch:

-The Apprentice
-Days of Our Lives (no, I'm not embarrassed to admit it and no, I don't watch every day!)

Four websites I visit daily:

-My own blog

-Our pastor's blog -Hotmail -Yahoo Ethiopian adoption group

Four favorite foods:

-Seafood -Steak -Salad -Chinese food

Four places I'd love to be now: -Ethiopia (picking up our boys!!!) -Hawaii (never been but it sounds good!) -Hanging out anywhere with Kevin -East Coast

Four bloggers I am tagging:

-Shelley, http://thewalatkafamily.blogspot.com

And, sadly, that is really the only other blogger I know, aside from the blogger who tagged me, but if I recall, no "tag-backs" allowed....:)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Small update

Don't you love my unoriginal post titles???

Well, Kevin wrote a long email to the head of our agency today, very honest but respectful about how we're feeling, what this is like for us and sharing that we are frustrated at having no real information about any of what is going on (and that it feels like it's pulling teeth to get any info.) We received a reply within about 20 minutes, and were able to find out what exactly is going on. The basic gist that I will share here is that this family is upset with our agency and is therefore dragging their feet with getting these papers signed, and has now brought their lawyer into it. We are shocked that someone could do this to two precious, beautiful baby boys who now continue to sit in Ethiopia, day after day.

Please pray for these kids!!! And that their "parents" would just sign the papers so we can get these kids home!

On the positive side of things the interaction with our agency was great, we found out why they'd been hesitant to share the specifics before, and found out that they are just as upset as we are about what is happening. They even told us to feel free to vent to them because they're doing the same thing over there. We both felt really validated, and that they truly do care about these kids (the most important thing afterall!) and about us. They also admitted that in hindsight, they would have done some things differently. Basically I was pretty impressed with them and the way they handled things. They really haven't been sitting on this not pursuing it. It sounds like a lot of unfortunate things have been going on behind the scenes. We both feel much better about our choice of agencies.

So that's that. For now we'll just keep praying and waiting.

Still waiting for news

Got an email from AAI today, saying they're going to call the "dad" of this other family today. I have to admit I feel a bit (oh okay, VERY) frustrated that it has taken them this long to pick up the phone and call these people when it's been a MONTH since they sent that paperwork out. I also get the distinct impression that this is not a huge priority to them and not only that, there was even a rather (in my opinion) insensitive comment in the email saying that even if this doesn't work out, we're on the list for twins so we will get our babies eventually.

Ummmmm....they seriously do not "get it." They call us with a referral, say congratulations, tell us to get a hold of the travel agent to make plans, etc., etc., then let a month go by from the time they sent out the paperwork with no contact with this family.

I know adoptive parents often get impatient, wonder why it's taking so long, etc. but this is very different. They've got two boys sitting over there cleared to leave, they congratulate us and tell us they're ours, then let a whole month pass by...and then come in with a really insensitive comment? Ouch.

I'll post more when I know something. Just wanted to give the latest (embittering) update.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some things about me

Thirteen Things about Brianna

Thirteen Things that Make Me Smile
1. My daughter's laughter
2. Beating Kevin at Parcheesi
3. White mocha's
4. Remembering all of the funny things my best friend and I did in high school
5. Having a clean house
6. Making a nice dinner
7. Getting Chinese take-out with Kevin
8. Watching Seinfeld while eating Chinese take-out
9. Cooking for my family
10. Talking about adoption
11. A clean, full refrigerator
12. Lazy Sunday afternoons at home
13. Bedtime prayers with our little girl

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    Wednesday, January 18, 2006


    This morning I had an email in my inbox from the head of our agency. Said she contacted the family's social worker yesterday, and didn't hear back. If she doesn't hear back today she will be calling the family directly (thank goodness!) tomorrow. She also said (I had asked in an email why they are only talking through this third-party social worker) that the social worker had wanted to be an intermediary. Pretty weird, and from that I am thinking that this family doesn't want to deal with AAI at all. The lady also mentioned that at this point she has no idea what is going on with the family, etc...well that makes two of us! She also said she really does believe this will work out eventually. Will keep you posted...

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Bad haircuts are the worst!

    So I decided to attempt to give Anna bangs today. Have you ever tried cutting a 23-month-old's hair? She wouldn't hold still, I cut some of it too short...I am so irritated!!! It's probably not the WORST haircut in the toddler world, but definitely not the best. I've also decided that she looks better without bangs anyway, so I probably will let them grow back out, at least for now. My thinking was, this way she could wear her hair down and not just back, in a clip, etc. WELLLLL, the bangs don't really look good enough to just have all of them down anyway...so much for that...

    Quick adoption update (really a non-update): since my last post, AAI did get ahold of this family's social worker...and the social worker had no idea why this family had not returned the paperwork. The social worker said they would contact the family and then contact AAI with more info. (I have no idea why AAI won't just call the family themselves as opposed to going through a third-party.) That was late Thursday afternoon and I haven't heard anything since. Bummer.

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    STILL No News

    Just wanted to share that we are STILL waiting for word that the relinquishment documents have been signed. I received an email yesterday from Merrily saying that she has no clue why the papers haven't come, why they haven't heard from the family, etc. and has a call in to their social worker to find out what is going on.

    We were supposed to be leaving for Africa by now, but instead we are here waiting anxiously. I worry that this family has randomly changed their minds yet again (although if they did I have no clue why they are not contacting AAI so they can get the boys home.) It has been an extremely stressful last several days, to say the least.

    Please pray for the situation, for the boys, and for strength for us to deal with all of it. Yosef and Biniam have made their way into our hearts and we'd like nothing more than to be their mom and dad. I will post something when there is some definitive news!

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    The Michelin Man

    (While we've been doing this as an adoption blog specifically, I figured we may as well just make it a Heldt family blog. There'll be more to post about that way! And so I thought I'd share a funny Anna story, just because!)

    We bought Anna Beth a new jacket recently, and while it's a great jacket, it is seriously puffy (which of course is hard to determine shopping online, plus it's still a little big for her.) It makes her arms kinda stick out, like Randy's in "The Christmas Story."

    The day it arrived in the mail, I put it on her when Kevin got home to show him. She ran proudly from room to room, arms sticking out and looking just like the Michelin Man, while Kevin and I laughed hysterically.

    But for some reason she just loves wearing it. This particular night in December, it was seriously freezing outside (for Santa Maria anyway), but Anna wanted to go look at the moon, as usual. So we bundled her up and set her loose. Suffice it to say, she had a ball.



    Latest News

    I haven't posted in forever (sorry Jeannett! :) ), even though a lot has been happening. Part of why I haven't posted is because we've been so busy, and part is because I'd wanted to wait until our news was "official." However I'm tired of having one of those lame blogs that's never updated :), so I will post about everything that's going on, even though it's not technically official.

    December 14th, we got a phone call from Merrily, the head of our agency (AAI) and received a referral for twin 11 month old boys! She said that another couple had already adopted the boys, flew to Ethiopia to pick them up, and decided that they didn't want to adopt afterall, that it was too overwhelming (they have two little girls at home.) They got the boys their exit visas at the embassy, but left them there in Ethiopia and returned to the US. The boys legally belong to these people, who are supposed to be signing (or have possibly already signed) relinquishment documents, which AAI will file with the court. This has never happened before, in all the many years AAI has been doing adoptions, so it is a strange situation.

    As soon as AAI receives these relinquishment documents and submits them to the court, we can sign our acceptance paperwork and travel to Ethiopia to get them! So we could be going in the next couple of weeks! Normally there is at least a two month lead time between when you receive a referral and when you travel, but the twins are already cleared to leave so there should be a really short lead time.

    SO the last couple of weeks have been a blur...we got our travel shots, had our passports expedited, have combined our guest room and office to have a room for the boys, bought another crib, two more carseats and two baby carriers...the list goes on! Kevin says this was his least relaxing Christmas vacation ever. :) We're also in the process of purchasing some things for Anna since she will pass her crib and dresser on to the twins (and will graduate to a "big girl" bed.)

    We are super excited to love these boys and make them our sons. We feel pretty anxious about the whole thing, and worry that maybe this couple will change their minds yet again and decide to adopt the boys afterall...our agency assures us that won't happen, but part of me wonders if it's more of a risk than they think or let on. Please pray that they'll receive the relinquishment papers soon so that we can move on and (finally!) get these kids home.

    Oh their names are Yosef and Biniam. And they are super cute! Check out their pics above.

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