Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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I haven't posted in forever (sorry Jeannett! :) ), even though a lot has been happening. Part of why I haven't posted is because we've been so busy, and part is because I'd wanted to wait until our news was "official." However I'm tired of having one of those lame blogs that's never updated :), so I will post about everything that's going on, even though it's not technically official.

December 14th, we got a phone call from Merrily, the head of our agency (AAI) and received a referral for twin 11 month old boys! She said that another couple had already adopted the boys, flew to Ethiopia to pick them up, and decided that they didn't want to adopt afterall, that it was too overwhelming (they have two little girls at home.) They got the boys their exit visas at the embassy, but left them there in Ethiopia and returned to the US. The boys legally belong to these people, who are supposed to be signing (or have possibly already signed) relinquishment documents, which AAI will file with the court. This has never happened before, in all the many years AAI has been doing adoptions, so it is a strange situation.

As soon as AAI receives these relinquishment documents and submits them to the court, we can sign our acceptance paperwork and travel to Ethiopia to get them! So we could be going in the next couple of weeks! Normally there is at least a two month lead time between when you receive a referral and when you travel, but the twins are already cleared to leave so there should be a really short lead time.

SO the last couple of weeks have been a blur...we got our travel shots, had our passports expedited, have combined our guest room and office to have a room for the boys, bought another crib, two more carseats and two baby carriers...the list goes on! Kevin says this was his least relaxing Christmas vacation ever. :) We're also in the process of purchasing some things for Anna since she will pass her crib and dresser on to the twins (and will graduate to a "big girl" bed.)

We are super excited to love these boys and make them our sons. We feel pretty anxious about the whole thing, and worry that maybe this couple will change their minds yet again and decide to adopt the boys afterall...our agency assures us that won't happen, but part of me wonders if it's more of a risk than they think or let on. Please pray that they'll receive the relinquishment papers soon so that we can move on and (finally!) get these kids home.

Oh their names are Yosef and Biniam. And they are super cute! Check out their pics above.

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