Friday, January 20, 2006

Still waiting for news

Got an email from AAI today, saying they're going to call the "dad" of this other family today. I have to admit I feel a bit (oh okay, VERY) frustrated that it has taken them this long to pick up the phone and call these people when it's been a MONTH since they sent that paperwork out. I also get the distinct impression that this is not a huge priority to them and not only that, there was even a rather (in my opinion) insensitive comment in the email saying that even if this doesn't work out, we're on the list for twins so we will get our babies eventually.

Ummmmm....they seriously do not "get it." They call us with a referral, say congratulations, tell us to get a hold of the travel agent to make plans, etc., etc., then let a month go by from the time they sent out the paperwork with no contact with this family.

I know adoptive parents often get impatient, wonder why it's taking so long, etc. but this is very different. They've got two boys sitting over there cleared to leave, they congratulate us and tell us they're ours, then let a whole month pass by...and then come in with a really insensitive comment? Ouch.

I'll post more when I know something. Just wanted to give the latest (embittering) update.


bärbel said...

Dear Brianna,

I feel so sorry for you as ther is nothing you can do but wait! I am shure there will be a way to get the boys - I mean this family don´t want them - and the foster home in Addis definetly wold like them to leave. So just try to keep your hope up.

We finally got a date for our travel confirmed and we will definetly be leaving on Saturday February 4th and come back home to Austria on February 10th. We cant believe that in 14 days from now we will be a famiy ;-)


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