Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bad haircuts are the worst!

So I decided to attempt to give Anna bangs today. Have you ever tried cutting a 23-month-old's hair? She wouldn't hold still, I cut some of it too short...I am so irritated!!! It's probably not the WORST haircut in the toddler world, but definitely not the best. I've also decided that she looks better without bangs anyway, so I probably will let them grow back out, at least for now. My thinking was, this way she could wear her hair down and not just back, in a clip, etc. WELLLLL, the bangs don't really look good enough to just have all of them down anyway...so much for that...

Quick adoption update (really a non-update): since my last post, AAI did get ahold of this family's social worker...and the social worker had no idea why this family had not returned the paperwork. The social worker said they would contact the family and then contact AAI with more info. (I have no idea why AAI won't just call the family themselves as opposed to going through a third-party.) That was late Thursday afternoon and I haven't heard anything since. Bummer.

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