Friday, January 20, 2006

Small update

Don't you love my unoriginal post titles???

Well, Kevin wrote a long email to the head of our agency today, very honest but respectful about how we're feeling, what this is like for us and sharing that we are frustrated at having no real information about any of what is going on (and that it feels like it's pulling teeth to get any info.) We received a reply within about 20 minutes, and were able to find out what exactly is going on. The basic gist that I will share here is that this family is upset with our agency and is therefore dragging their feet with getting these papers signed, and has now brought their lawyer into it. We are shocked that someone could do this to two precious, beautiful baby boys who now continue to sit in Ethiopia, day after day.

Please pray for these kids!!! And that their "parents" would just sign the papers so we can get these kids home!

On the positive side of things the interaction with our agency was great, we found out why they'd been hesitant to share the specifics before, and found out that they are just as upset as we are about what is happening. They even told us to feel free to vent to them because they're doing the same thing over there. We both felt really validated, and that they truly do care about these kids (the most important thing afterall!) and about us. They also admitted that in hindsight, they would have done some things differently. Basically I was pretty impressed with them and the way they handled things. They really haven't been sitting on this not pursuing it. It sounds like a lot of unfortunate things have been going on behind the scenes. We both feel much better about our choice of agencies.

So that's that. For now we'll just keep praying and waiting.


owlhaven said...

I'm soooo sorry this other family is being so obnoxious!!!!!! grrrr

I'll be praying this is resolved soon

shells said...

Praying for you here too! I am glad the agency is doing there job-I am sure that puts you a little more at ease!


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