Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Michelin Man

(While we've been doing this as an adoption blog specifically, I figured we may as well just make it a Heldt family blog. There'll be more to post about that way! And so I thought I'd share a funny Anna story, just because!)

We bought Anna Beth a new jacket recently, and while it's a great jacket, it is seriously puffy (which of course is hard to determine shopping online, plus it's still a little big for her.) It makes her arms kinda stick out, like Randy's in "The Christmas Story."

The day it arrived in the mail, I put it on her when Kevin got home to show him. She ran proudly from room to room, arms sticking out and looking just like the Michelin Man, while Kevin and I laughed hysterically.

But for some reason she just loves wearing it. This particular night in December, it was seriously freezing outside (for Santa Maria anyway), but Anna wanted to go look at the moon, as usual. So we bundled her up and set her loose. Suffice it to say, she had a ball.


sheila said...

hi brianna and kevin!
anna beth is so adorable! that jacket is hilarious... online purchases are notorious for that i guess... lol. she's impervious to the elements- that's all that counts!
the twin boys are gorgeous, i hope everything goes well for your family.
keep me posted! (brianna, i'll email you soon!)


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