Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Motorcycle, anyone?

So I am selling several motorcycles on ebay. Think I'm kidding? I wish I was!

That's right, someone somehow hacked into my ebay account and under my username, they are "selling" several different motorcycles! I have all of these emails in my inbox from potential buyers asking me questions. What in the world? I need to get this straightened out!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Oh no! Hurry and get that worked out! Eesh, that's scary.

Rachel said...

Don't log in through those emails. Go directly to EbAy first. I do not even have an Ebay account (that I know of) and I keep getting emails from Ebay (or so they claim) that I did not send out items that were purchased from me. Mike checked it out through his account and the item numbers listed were not on Ebay, so we think it was a scam to get my information and or identity. I do have a PayPal account linked to my email (the same email address that was used) and no money has been deposited in that either. Weird. Be careful, it might just be a big scam!

Avery said...

i'll buy one... lol

Brianna Heldt said...

Avery haha, I actually thought of you!

Rachel, no not a scam. Yes there are scams, but this was not one. You could go to ebay and sure enough, there was the stuff I was selling. I got it worked out though, thankfully!

Tamara said...

I kept getting so many phishing scams that I closed down my account. I am still getting emails that I am supposedly selling some big screen tv's, but the account doesn't exist.

Be careful with that stuff make sure you ebay password isn't the same as your other accounts (I.E. online bank access). Greg just became a victim of identity theft and it has been a hell of a mess (and headache) to clean up. Greg is uber-anal about that stuff too, (shred every thing with the criss cross cut, separate clippings into different trash days etc) so it just goes to show, if they want it, they will figure out how!!

Brianna Heldt said...

Tamara that stinks! SOOOO frustrating. I had someone somehow steal my identity and use a credit card number of mine (for a card that I'd never activated!) in Oklahoma on, ironically, the day I was getting married (in SLO, CA!) What a nightmare, trying to get it fixed, and it affected my credit.

I love those identity theft commercials though with the person talking in the voice that isn't theirs!


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