Monday, March 26, 2007

Home alone (with four children)

So Kevin's been holed up in our office/guestroom for the last two weeks working from home--and today he returned to his hour-plus commute and to his actual place of work. For me this meant my first full day with all four kids to take care of by myself!

I was a little nervous about how things would go. But God never ceases to be faithful, gracious and full of mercy! Today went WONDERFULLY! For one thing, Kaitlyn sleeps during the time that the kids and I are getting up, which is GREAT because this is really when the bulk of my day's work has to be done--making the beds/baths/lotion/clothes/breakfast/unloading and loading the dishwasher. To be honest, it didn't really feel like my workload increased all that much. Another big worry I had was that I would just feel so tired, due to the fact that I'm not getting a full night's sleep anymore. But God apparently is getting me through that too because I DID feel like I had energy today, and Kaitlyn is only waking up a couple times a night now to nurse.

Every time we've added a child to our family, I have worried that I wouldn't be able to do it, and have half-jokingly asked Kevin "What have I gotten myself into?" I think God must just shake his head and wonder why I have such a hard time trusting Him with the immense blessings He's given me.

Having Kaitlyn has been a huge reminder to me that a child is a gift from God. Each of our children has been placed in our arms by the Lord. I think of that term "family planning" and I know without a doubt that God has planned our family and will continue to do so. I'm so grateful for my kids and for the strength and grace God gives us to carry out the plans He has for us!

(Here are a couple of pictures taken in the first days home with Kaitlyn. The one with me in the green shirt cracks me up because this is what it's like any time the poor baby needs to eat, all the kids want to be near her. It's rather unfortunate because it looks like Biniam is reaching for my, uh, shirt--I have no clue what he was doing! I like the second picture of just me and little Katie Jane, because I think it is indicative of how I'm feeling these days--sleepy but happy. :) )

(Oh and I'll continue with my labor/delivery story soon. I'm slightly bitter because I did the whole next installment, complete with pictures, and Blogger trashed it! Grrrrrrr! But soon. I promise. :) )


lisa said...

wow, you really have your hands full--JUST KIDDING! I mean, you do of course, but in the best way. What a crazy, beautiful time!

Nohe 5 said...

Thank you for this post. I am about to have our 4th and I sometimes get nervous that I won't be able to handle it all. You reminded me that God will give me the strength to care for the children He has blessed me with.

Brenda Williams said...

I feel more than busy just juggling the two kids - I don't know how you do it with four! But you make it look easy!
I miss seeing you, but we'll be back to doing normal stuff soon now that everyone is well again.

Brianna Heldt said...

Brenda I have been wanting to email you for weeks (your email you sent me about your birth experience was such a blessing and joy to read!), things have been so busy and Kevin was working from home using the computer. Our family (and my mom too!) prayed regularly for your precious baby boy and I am SO happy that he is doing better and at home now!!! Looking forward to catching up in person!

Mike and Rachel said...

I also like the tired but happy Brianna picture. I think every picture I am in for the first few months after Aubrey was born look exactly like that. I'm sure I will have many just like it next month too. I also love the expression on Anna's face looking at her sister.

Kristen Borland said...

first of all, you're gorgeous! and what a happy mommy too!

second, i am so pleased to hear how God is working all this out. you know i fully, 100% agree with you! if you let God bring these blessings into your life, He will give you the energy and patience and ability to get through it well. and i fully believe He also works in the hearts of the children to make it a wonderful experience. we totally believe zeb and nehemiah have such easy going, happy personalities because God is perfectly taking care of His "family planning" in our lives. He knew we couldn't handle kids with difficult personalities that were just over a year apart. (i can't tell you how many people said, "if the first one was so easy, watch out for number two!" and nehemiah is even happier and easy going than zeb!) God is so good! and your family is just so beautiful!!

Samantha said...

I remember how scary those first days "on my own" are after my mom goes home and Jeromy is at work. My philosophy became, "What's the worst thing that happens? We stay in our pajamas all day watching movies and have to ask daddy to bring us home dinner." Just do what you can do for now and the rest will fall into place. It is nice that your kids still nap and hopefully you can get Kaitlyn to nap at the same time so you can rest too. Stay positive and your attitude will spill over to everyone else. Loved the new pictures and looking forward to more of the birth story.

Owlhaven said...

so glad you're doing well!
Mary, mom to many


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