Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The camping trip that wasn't

This past weekend was to mark our maiden camping voyage in Colorado. Yes, we've been here for over a year and had yet to go camping. Maybe that doesn't seem strange to you if you don't live here, but the thing is, people here LOVE to camp.

It's no wonder, really. We live literally an hour or less from some of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Seriously. So people spend a lot of time outdoors, camping and hiking.

On Saturday we packed up and drove the 60 minutes to a gorgeous state park to meet up with two other families that we're good friends with. The weather was overcast and cloudy but whatever, we figured (hoped?) it'd all work out, and we could be adventurous, right? (Note that in the above picture, Kevin's busted out his "OJ gloves.")

It was actually our first trip into the mountains since we've been here (save for driving through the Rockies and Vail on our way through and back.) And OH MY GOODNESS, it was gorgeous. Beautiful aspen trees that were just starting to turn colors...pine trees galore...rocky hills and just the most beautiful scenery. I couldn't believe it. We live in a beautiful state, that is for sure. (Even made the loss of the ocean seem like less of a sacrifice!)

So anyway, we get out of our cars, and yeah, it's cold. (40 degrees maybe?) And raining. We all decide to eat lunch there (thanks to Jonathan and Bekah for bringing their handy dandy shelter thingy) but hold off on setting up our tents. At one point it starts to hail. Soon multiple children are crying. And whining. One of my kids completely face-planted and got a fat lip and scratched his glasses. Another peed everywhere because he didn't make it to the toilet in time. We lasted nearly two hours, but by 5 pm we packed back up and opted to go hang out at Erik and Karen's home, which was nice and dry and WARM. We ate hotdogs, the kids played, it was great.

All in all, the day was an adventure and we all had a blast that evening. All's well that ends well I suppose!

Here's Anna with her friends around the campfire.

Still smiling at this point. (I think it was the hot chocolate.)

Ah, now we have some not-so-happy-campers!

Oh, and we're not completely giving up. We WILL try this camping thing again! Hopefully next time we'll get to actually set up our tent!


Marissa said...

Ha! Great pictures. They actually look like your camping which counts for something.

That last pictures is priceless. I love it!

Mike and Rachel said...

We have been here 4 years now. 4 years! We have yet to go to a campground. We want to, but it hasn't happened for us. We love to hike though and hope that next summer will be the one.

I am really hoping to go to Wyoming next summer and visit a dude ranch, maybe our first camping trip in Co can be in Wyoming instead...

Joanie said...

I agree with Marissa: that picture is priceless, and so is the story.

Laugh out loud funny!

Thanks for sharing this hilarious adventure.

You'll get your camping trip all in good time.

Stacey said...

I love Kaitlyn's face in the last photo...too funny! Camping in the cold seems, well, brrrrr!

Kristen Borland said...

oh i SO want to go camping in those trees!!


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