Monday, October 08, 2012

It's a...

Yes, we Heldts are having yet another baby girl come the end of February!

That would be biological girl number four, in case any of you were counting.

Which will bring us to a grand total of six girls altogether.

Versus our two rather lonely boys.


I had an impromptu ultrasound on Friday morning when I was in the ER for what turned out to be kidney stones.  (Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds, and yes, I've had them before, and yes, they hurt).  Anyway, they performed an ultrasound to rule out a problem with the baby, and the technician was able to tell me that it was a girl.  Which meant that my copay and, let's face it, miserable morning were semi-redeemed by getting to find out the gender two weeks before my scheduled ultrasound.

We are, apparently, beyond predictable when it comes to birthing babies, and I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever have a biological son.  It has really become quite humorous--when I called Kevin from the hospital to tell him that I'd found out the gender, and that it is a girl, again, we both began laughing hysterically.

The baby and everything else looked great, and I'll still have my OB ultrasound in a couple of weeks.  And houseful o' girls or not, we are SO crazy excited to meet this precious little girl in four-ish months!


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