There are some really amazing people out there doing really amazing things.  Here are just a few...

The adoption agency we used.  They are wonderful.  Truly.  I highly recommend them!

A non-profit dedicated to caring for HIV+ orphans in Ethiopia and to reaching out to the community so that more HIV+ children can remain in their extended families.  We visited the orphanage in 2006 and were forever changed.

I'm on staff with this fabulous organization.  Our goal is to pave a way home for HIV+ orphans and to support various projects around the world caring for HIV-affected orphans not being adopted.  (Have you ever thought about adopting a child living with HIV?  It is so "do-able" and there are many, many children waiting for families.  From HIV to Home can help!)

Once upon a time, in 2002, we had the opportunity to see Gary Haugen speak at our church in Santa Barbara, CA.  He asked if we cared about what Jesus cared about...and for the most part...we didn't.  We credit Gary's talk with our eventual decision to adopt.  Therefore, we heart Gary Haugen and the work that IJM is doing, bringing light to the darkness in the name of Jesus. 

Reece's Rainbow
Your heart will be touched by this amazing ministry that serves to promote, and assist with, the adoption of children born with Down Syndrome.  Every child--every.single.child.--belongs in a family, and if you're planning to adopt, please consider a child with special needs.

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