Monday, August 29, 2005

Moving Forward!

Well our homestudy is finished! We are now just waiting on the social worker to write it up (should probably be a few weeks.) She is approving us for the adoption of two little ones from Ethiopia! We are so happy to have this behind us. It's been a draining day-and-a-half, but it went well and things should go smoothly from here. God gave us the words to say and continues to bless the adoption.

The homestudy itself was a little nerve-wracking. A social worker from Ventura (actually a licensed Marriage/Family Therapist who does this on the side) came to our home Sunday afternoon. We were both a little nervous and unsure what to expect. She toured our home and asked tons of questions. :) She interviewed the two of us together and then Kevin by himself. Then today she came and interviewed me by myself. She seemed to think we did well and was extremely impressed by little Anna, who was all smiles and her usual charming self. :) The social worker shared with us a little about some issues we may face in adoption and was overall very encouraging.

In a few weeks, once our homestudy is notarized and written up and sent to our adoption agency (AAI), we will mail our dossier to AAI (miraculously it's all ready to go) and that will be sent off to Ethiopia where it will be translated, etc. Once that happens, we'll be eligible for a referral and the waiting begins!! We hope the wait won't be long but you just never know. It could be pretty much instantaneous, or could take several months.

So that's where we're at. We're thanking God that everything is going so well so far!


Anonymous said...

SWEET!! Glad everything is moving smoothly. I guess I need clarification. You are approved for two (or will be), but aren't for sure getting 2? Kinda like my line of credit being higher than my borrowed portion, except with lives instead of money? :) It's fun following you on this journey. Hey, how cool will it be for Uncle Mike to teach my Ethiopian neice or nephew how to snow ski? That might be a new experience. :)

Love ya, Mikey

Brianna Heldt said...

We are approved for two children under the age of 3 and are planning to get two children (probably much younger than that), but of course we have the option of only taking one. Good analogy. :) The homestudy is binding, meaning that you cannot do anything outside the parameters unless you pay to have it changed.


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