Friday, September 09, 2005

Dossier mailed off!

Well today we are mailing our dossier off! This is happening much faster than we'd anticipated. It was supposed to be a few weeks before our homestudy would be written up/notarized, but apparently the first draft is already at AAI for review and we were told to go ahead and send in our dossier!

This marks the end of any real "work" on our part (well until the children are home!) and begins the "waiting" phase. As far as I know we may be eligible for a referral in as little as two weeks, which technically means we could be matched with our children in as little as two weeks!! Crazy! It could also take months, for that matter. It all depends on what children are coming into AAI's care.

Today AAI mailed us the DVD of waiting children at the orphanage. Most likely our children will not be on this video (as infant twins or super young siblings are not generally "waiting" as there are generally people wanting to take them) but it's possible. At any rate it will be so neat to see the orphanage and see all the children we'll eventually get to meet when we travel there. Hopefully it'll be here in a couple of days!

So that's that. Thanks to all for your prayers and well-wishes. It feels good to have the paperwork behind us!

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