Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's all relative

Today I took the kids with me to Target, by myself (we haven't done this sort of outing just me and the kids for awhile, but I'm hoping to get out of the house more so I decided we would go.) They did WONDERFUL, Anna sitting in the front and the boys in the back. Honestly they were great.

Anyway, as I was pushing them through the store, a very stressed looking mom walked by pushing her one child in the cart--a little boy about two years old. He was kicking, screaming, standing up (this was in the front of the cart), throwing a major tantrum. The mom was getting all bitter at him when she happened to look up to see us walking calmly along. She said to her son, "Look at those kids, THEY'RE sitting nicely", to which I called merrily over my shoulder as she passed, "Knock on wood!"

So you see, three toddlers isn't ALWAYS super hard, or wild, or more work than one child. I may look like I must have my hands full, but sometimes things just couldn't run any smoother. I'm so proud of my kids!


shells said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! We were at playgroup today and the boys were behaving so well, while a lot of the other kids were falling apart. Yes they have their moments, but it is so nice that they are so used to playing and sharing with others. Though I am so tired today......... :)

Rachel said...

I notice a lot of moms pushing their stroller while pulling the cart from the front. They usually have older children flanking the sides. If it gets to be that difficult to go shopping we'll all starve around here!

MP2 said...

I'm proud of their mamma - shopping with 3 little ones should be an Olympic event!

Brianna Heldt said...

Okay Kevin has tried to convince me to do the cart/stroller combo but I refuse! There's no way, it would seriously take sooooo long to make it out of the store that way I think.

Tamara said...

I tried doing a stoller-cart combo and that was rediculous. I just pile my kids in the cart and then carry a hand basket so they wont open every package they get their hands on.... I REALLY love the carts with room for a couple kids, like Costco carts and our Target down here has some sort of bench thing the kids can sit on and keep out of the cart. Other times, if I can't fit it under the cart or in the hand-basket I just have to say "better luck next time".

I have also tried the harnesses, they are pretty good for one kid, especially if you need to pluck them off the floor when they are mad. But with both of them, they start running around, tangle us all up, wrap it around their necks and worst of all, start barking and growling at people like dogs!?!!

I have also ditched my purse for a backpack, dump my basics and all of the kid nessities in there and then I have my hands free without the annoyance of a purse strap constantly slipping off my shoulder.

Brianna Heldt said...

Tamara you have some good ideas! I would totally do the harness thing but I'm too embarrassed of what people would think of me (cracks me up your kids bark like dogs!!!!!!!) I also love those carts for more than one kid but unfortunately I haven't seen any at our Target (tho Albertsons has them I've discovered. Our kids love 'em!) The backpack is a GREAT idea, I think I'm gonna have to give that a try!


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