Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good for the soul

Does something ever strike you as hilarious, I mean REALLY funny, even when it probably isn't meant to? Well that happened to me the other night and it still makes me laugh so hard I cry, so I thought I'd post about it.

Kevin rented that movie "The Producers". We didn't know anything about it except that it's a Mel Brooks play that our landlord in Santa Barbara left town to be an understudy for. WELL, we really didn't like the movie, it was pretty crude, we ended up fast-forwarding through some stuff. The basic gist of the play/film is that an accountant and washed-up Broadway producer team up to produce the worst play ever, because the accountant figured out that you can make more money on a flop than a success by messing with the books. They stumble upon a neo-Nazi play called "Springtime for Hitler" that they are sure is going to offend the masses, and therefore be such a flop that they'll make a fortune.

They set out to hire the worst actors, directors, etc. They go to the worst director's home, a homosexual man who lives with his "common law assistant." This assistant, Carmen, is just hilarious--not sure why exactly, but his look and mannerisms struck me as terribly amusing right off the bat. Anyway, the director is attending some event and Carmen suggests he wear a wig because he looks bad without it. The director is offended and calls Carmen the Wicked Witch of the West. To which Carmen responds emotionally with this line:

"If your intention was to shoot an arrow through my heart....BULLSEYE!"

I am literally laughing out loud right now, my shoulders are shaking, just thinking about this. I made Kevin go back so I could rewatch this line again...and again...and again. I was rolling around, the tears were made it worth renting the lame movie!

Has anyone else seen this film and know the part I'm talking about? Or has anyone had something really random strike them as the funniest thing ever? I haven't laughed that hard in felt good!


Shana said...

I LOVE it when I get a laughing attack like that. I remember laughing HARD while watching the movie Just Married, which to most people probably wasn't that funny.

Another time I laughed hard out-loud was when reading your blog a couple months ago and seeing the pictures you took of yourselves. The "outtake" where one of the kids hit your husband with their toy, and the expressions on everyone's faces was hilarious!

Jeannett Gibson said...

I just had one of those attacks today at work...the new girl (that is taking my place) is the kind of person who laughs out loud, REALLY hard at everything...and I mean, EVERYTHING. You know when someone says something and it's funny, but in a smile, chuckle kind of funny? Well, this girl laughs hysterically like it was the funniest things she's ever heard...a co-worker and I laughed because she was being so ridiculous, and neither of us could contain our laughter just looking at each other...poor girl thought we were laughing WITH her! So, on and on it went, she kept right on laughing and I was crying I was laughing so hard. We didn't want to be mean, it was just so absurd and the longer it went on, the more I couldn't contain myself. It was bad.

Rachel said...

Didn't care for the movie either. It was rather long, and the point could have been made in half the time.

I usually laugh like that when someone gets hurt. My friend Tara was at the mall with me before I was married and she fell down a small flight of stairs, maybe three or four. She wasn't hurt, just embarrased. Then a man in a wheel chair rolled up and offered to help. I had tears in my eyes for hours!

Solomon & Malachi said...

I remember being in the kitchen when I was ultra-pregnant the first time around. Something struck my funny bone and I began laughing. Then baby Solomon kicked me right in the bladder and there was just NOTHING I could do! "OH! Micah! OH NO!! The baby just kicked me HARD!!" So, there I was laughing and peeing all over the floor. This had my husband rolling with laughter which made me laugh even harder...this still makes us laugh when we remember it (and Solomon loves the story, of course!).

Roy said...

Was that your landlord?

Anonymous said...

Good for you - all moms deserve a good laugh (at something entirely unrelated to themselves, their spouse, their children, or their house) now and then!!!


Lara Laity said...

To Brianna or Shana - I looked for the funny pictures that Shana was talking about and couldn't find them. I have got to see the picture of Kevin getting hit in the head with a toy. =) Can you direct me to the right place?

Brianna Heldt said...

Roy, no sadly that was not our landlord. He was an understudy in the play, though I don't know for what part.

Lara, it's on the post for July 11, 2006--you can click on July 2006 on the side of the screen under "Archives." Heehee, it really is a fantastic picture!

Lara Laity said...

Ha, Ha! I laughed out loud as well. Thanks. =)


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