Friday, December 14, 2007

Little things...

...make me happy. Like:

1.) My Martha Stewart Living arriving today. Can't wait to put my feet up later and enjoy!
2.) I've got red potatoes boiling, fish marinating, fresh lettuce for a salad. I love when I take the time to prepare a nutritious meal for my family!
3.) Receiving Christmas cards from dear friends and family.
4.) My kids enjoying a movie, currently "Cinderella."
5.) Kaitlyn's smile and the fact that she zips around this house like nobody's business. Man I love that kid!
6.) Kevin just now arriving home...and the fact that he's off work from now until January 7th.

Off to hug the husband and finish dinner prep. Have a happy Friday night enjoying the little things!


Joy said...

yahoo for number 1! that means my magazine is probably sitting in the mailbox right now. and kevin has vacation! that's wonderful. rehearsal is at 9 tomorrow and lasts about 45 minutes, i was told. maybe we'll see you there.

Lisa Leonard said...

that sounds perfect!

sarah said...

Getting a magazine in the mail is such a simple pleasure, but still so much fun. (I love to see netflix in my mailbox, also!) So glad you have your husband home with you for awhile - it sounds like you guys really deserve some time to relax and enjoy your family :)


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