Friday, May 15, 2009

Food I miss

I am really quite happy to be living here. Things are good.
But every once in awhile I get a hankering for the food I left behind in California.

Animal-style cheeseburger, fries, vanilla shake. In N Out, how I love thee.

Splash Cafe's clam chowder in a bread bowl. In Pismo Beach. Enough said.

Firestone. Tri-tip sandwiches and the steak salad.

The salsa, margaritas, and "Special Quesadilla" from Armando's in Atascadero. But that has nothing to do with our move; they had to shut down. They lost their liquor license several times, and they were totally shady. But oh, that salsa!)

Being pregnant, I feel like my life revolves around food these days. Sadly, there is some food missing from my life. But I will be grateful for the good times we had, and will look forward to being united once again. (Well, except for the Armando's thing. Repeatedly selling booze to minors and not paying your employees does not a good restaurant make.)


The Fearnsides said...

I TOTALLY miss those things too (minus In-N-Out, that's our Sunday tradition). What I wouldn't give for some Splash Cafe with the Seafood topping. And the steak salad..

I haven't had any of those things in probably five years. I also miss this whole-in-the-wall Mediterranian restaurant in SLO.

I bet you traded those things for some other awesome food- like the Ethiopian restaurants. :)

JaneeNoel said...

I love Splash Cafe's chowder. Sigh.

We had a trip planned to Pismo Beach next month but just had to cancel it. I am so bummed. . . I grew up going there several times a year and haven't been since before we got married. It's been at least 6 yrs now.

Mike and Rachel said...

Belgian Waffle Combo from Ruby's, and I have never had it on a trip back. I planned on going to the one in the Springs only to find out it had closed down.

And really cheap Chinnese food. Castle Rock doesn't have any of that.

Mama Mote said...

You hit them all, although I also love the Sweet Carolina Pork Ribs and Homemade Potato Chips from Mo's. BUT...I found Mo's sister store down here in Huntington Beach. Not as close, so I'll save money, but once in awhile I'll head that way. It's also one of my son-in-love's favorite places.

Brianna Heldt said...

Yeah Rachel thankfully we have lots of cheap Chinese food here in Denver, and we found a yummy (cheap!) place thanks to my friend's recommendation.

Oh Robin you are SO right about Mo's!!! Yummm!

And yes Monica we DO get to have Ethiopian food nearby, which I LOVE.

Wendi Garland said...

Now being back in CA (after CO for 10 years), I'm loving your in-n-out menu selections at In-n-out. I'm not crazy about their fries (and don't order them - just get burger and shake, crazy eh?) however and I'm a huge fry lover. They're probably just very healthy, which is exactly why I maybe should like them.

We're still new to San Diego and haven't eaten out much yet but I'm hoping there's yummy food here too. Love your blog - thanks for sharing fun stuff!

Paige said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for some splash clam chowder! Mmmm!

Ginger said...

I promise to have Splash Cafe's clam chowder (I like mine with the crab tossed in) next time we're in the area. One of the few places that I don't mind standing in a line out the door and around the block (with kids, I might add).


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