Friday, October 09, 2009

When Mommy's away...

One night recently I got the kids all ready for bed, the phone rang and I ended up talking for awhile. Kevin was downstairs working on our basement and so I just assumed that he'd put the kids to bed (their bedrooms are all downstairs).

Yeah, not so much.

There was apparently much fun, and dress-up, and dancing. Unbenownst to me. All captured on camera by Kevin, who clearly was in no hurry to get the kids to sleep.

I think that often the best times are the spontaneous ones, where no one's watching the clock, and where the standard rules don't apply. I have to admit I was a little grumpy when I first got off the phone to discover that the PJs were now off and there were four sweaty kids racing around long past their bedtimes. But those pictures and memories and moments with Daddy are priceless!


Paige said...

Those pictures are soooo cute!

this is us said...

so cute! one day you'll all look back at these and say "remember that? That was the week before sweet "name to be announced soon" was born!" Right? This week? Right? :)


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