Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THIS is why I put things off

Confession: I have not been to the dentist in years.

I know. Ew.

Well, I broke my dentist drought tonight.

I showed up to find that there was literally NO ONE in the office but me. And the dentist. Awkward.

As I'm filling out forms in the (eerie) silence, I notice the selection of magazines on the table, including the "Body" issue of ESPN magazine with a half-clothed woman on the cover. And supposedly completely not-clothed women inside.

So suddenly I'm thinking about Tim Whatley. And wanting to run out the door.

But I stayed. Long enough to endure such torture that I think I would have preferred to deliver a baby--naturally--tonight instead. (Note to self: do not make dental appointments so soon after having been pregnant. My gums are SO SENSITIVE. It was a blood bath. Again, ew.)

Finally, to top it all off...he suddenly says he's out of time. That I'll have to come back in two weeks for the check-up portion, x-rays etc. Um, okay.

All in all, he was a nice enough guy, but I'm suddenly not feeling so cowardly for having procrastinated making an appointment. Because between:
the awkwardness,
the pornography,
and the bleeding gums,
the dentist was no picnic. So I will now happily go on record with Jerry as being an anti-dentite.


Mike and Rachel said...

That's random. You did have an appointment after all. I say you go back in two weeks, but find a new dentist with a wait staff for your next visit in 6 months. BTW, I've been 4 times since I blogged about this topic and you hadn't been in forever then. If you make it out cavity free you are my personal hero.

Brianna Heldt said...

haha, i doubt i'm cavity free, tho i think genetics plays just as big a role in that as dental hygiene does. with our kids, our best and most avid toothbrusher has had 2 cavities, while our other kids have none (including the ones who had poor nutrition early in life.) go figure!

I am Katy, said...

Bummer. I can't believe you have to go back and do it again in two weeks.

I'm needing to make an appointment too. Been meaning to since, well, 2004 when we moved here. :) So, don't feel so bad; you're not the only one putting off making appointments. I also used my last set of contacts back in January and have yet to make an appointment for that either.

Joanie said...

Brianna, something is wrong. Run the other way. I wish you could go to my office when you come to CA for visits, but I know that is not practical. They accomodated my postpartum scheduling needs, demanded I bring the baby in when I was done so they could meet her (Sedona was three weeks old and my mom watched her in the parking lot!) I NEVER would have had to come back. That is inconvenient at the best times, but hello? Before Mary's even six weeks old you would have seen Dr. Creepy TWICE. No thank you!

I know that I'm being way too mean and reactionary and that you DID say he was nice, but I'm really outraged on your behalf.

JaneeNoel said...

Eww. That's crazy. I know of a dentist in the area who is supposedly quite good . . . a friend from our church there works for him. LMK if you want his name.

Leah said...

Yes choose a different dentist. I hadn't gone in a very very long time finally went had a bad dentist, kept looking and now have a great one. I wouldn't say it's pleasant but it's tolerable.

jenny said...

I know this is random, but just wanted to add my 2 cents. My husband (and his twin) LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVEEEE the dentist. When asked if he'd rather receive a backrub, headscratch, or go to the dentist, he picked the DENTIST! Serious issues.

MarjnHomer said...

I havent been to the dentist in a while and I need to go soon like asap

Brian & Rachel Davis said...

I've never had an appointment that bad and I've had regular dentist appointments for my entire life! Even getting my wisdom teeth out didn't make me hate any of my dentists. I suggest you shop for a new one...


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