Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This and that

I need to upload pictures again. :)

It feels like we're settling into our routine and adjusting to life with 5 little ones. Mary Lucille is sweet as can be and even though some days I feel terribly exhausted, life is good. This week we've gotten back into homeschooling, which is nice.

Since Mary was born, I've been on the computer less, which has actually been quite freeing for a compulsive email/Facebook/news checker like me. :) Instead I've been reading an excellent book, Flannery O'Connor: Spiritual Writings. Oh how I love to read. This particular book has some excerpts from her novels and short stories, but is mostly comprised of correspondence where she shares spiritual insights.

Obviously I don't have much to say. :) We had a good Halloween--the kids and I made popcorn balls, we did the whole trick-or-treating thing, and now we have a ton of candy in the house. I'll share pictures soon. (We had Snow White, two ladybugs, a policeman and a pirate.) Somehow we failed to watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, which makes me super sad since I love that movie and I think it's a great tradition. Maybe it's not too late.

I will end this post with a question: what is with the Snuggie? EVERYone is talking about this thing. On the one hand it seems utterly lame, but methinks I might like to wear one around the house. Because let's face it, it looks comfy and warm, even if it's really dumb. (As it is I am rather enjoying pants with drawstrings these days--whoever invented them is my hero.) So that's all. I'm still here, wearing comfy pants, reading your blogs and very occasionally posting on mine. Have a great week!!!


Mike and Rachel said...

This post is going to get you about a dozen snuggies for Christmas. Beware of what you post!

We are still battling lame colds over here. I'm praying that your family avoids this mess, it is the longest lasting sickness ever!

Tracy Regusci said...

If you get a snuggie please let me know how breast feeding works out!

Joanie said...

Great to hear from you - the kids' costumes sound so very cute. I understand what you mean about feeling freed from our computers. A little distance from them definitely is refreshing. Glad to hear of your sweet life!

Brianna Heldt said...

Rachel HA, seriously. I think I'll stick with comfortable clothes. I'm sorry you guys are still so sick!!! I'm sure our time will come, unfortunately.

Tracy maybe we should come up with and market breastfeeding versions of the Snuggie. Heehee.

Angela said...

just cut some slits, you'll be good to go. ;)

Mama Mote said...

I was just thinking you should market a breastfeeding Snuggie. I don't get them either. My robe is comfortable, warm and doesn't look silly. But some silly things have made millionaires of people. Have you seen the pet Snuggies? OMGosh!!! Anyway, yeah, be careful what you post. So glad you are doing well with your growing family. I've tried to stay away from the computer sometimes and it's hard to come back because there is so much to catch up on, but it's actually worth it to be a little more productive here. Will look for more pics. love you guys

Shilo said...

I'm a complete stranger who got your blog address from the AAI site (we recently applied for Ethiopian adoption). Just had to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Your passion for Christ, commitment to your family, and beautiful way of articulating it all is powerful & refreshing. And you even quoted George Castanza...doesn't get better than that ;) Thank you for sharing & nice to unofficially meet you!


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