Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tricks and treats

A very belated Halloween post. :) But still fun, right?

There was a ton of snow on the ground from a recent storm, but Halloween night was actually not too chilly. (The kids insisted they weren't cold.)
Mary and Kaitlyn both dressed up as ladybugs--a sweet friend got me the swaddling blanket and hat for Mary and it was great.

The kids got lots of candy, which we are still working our way through. By the time we decided to head home, the three biggest kids were wanting to be done. But not Kaitlyn. "MORE CANDY!" she shouted.
Mary's first Halloween was a good one I think. She slept for most of the festivities!
This year the kids and I made popcorn balls, and for breakfast on Halloween morning they had black oatmeal (food coloring) with a ghost (big marshmallow) in it. Special days and events are so much more fun with kids. They get so excited--it's one of my favorite things about being a mom!


Joanie said...

Oh, how very CUTE!

darci said...

so sweet! sammy's first halloween she was just 11 days old, and she dressed as a strawberry. (yay for really cute hats!)


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