Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Homeschool update

Well we continue to plug along on our homeschooling journey. So far I'm pretty amazed by the whole thing. Anna's handwriting has improved SO much, and she actually ENJOYS it now! Yay! She'll be finished with the Kindergarten-level book soon. We're also getting decently close to being done with the Saxon Kindergarten math program. She's had a lot of fun with the various activities. Her Monday program she attends is going really well too! She loves to go, and it's so fun getting to see the work she's brought home. Yesterday I arrived a little early to pick her up and got to watch her class doing PE, playing that game "Steal the Bacon." Heehee!

In related news, I decided to start schooling the boys and picked up a couple of fun workbooks for them to do--which they proudly carried all the way through the store to the checkout, wanted to hold on the ride home, etc. They LOVE it--Yosef begs to do homeschool all day long. It's hilarious.

So yeah, homeschooling rocks. :) I love the flexibility, the relaxed atmosphere in our home, and the fact that I get to witness my kids developing new skills. I love that we can on a whim go meet Kevin for lunch, meet up with friends, or spend a day in PJs. I love that my big kids get to play a really active role in Mary Lu's little life, because they're home most of the time. I love getting to decide what the kids learn, that Anna loves to read, and that there's tons of time during the day to play and color and just be together. I love that Anna's friends at church are also homeschooled, and most of them attend school with her on Mondays.

All in all, it's a really great thing. So I thought I'd share! :)


Joanie said...

Excellent! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tamara said...


The kids have school on Wed and then boyscouts after that. I feel like I am in a rush all day long and I am TIRED by the end of the day... that is just too busy of a pace to do 5 days a week...

Dan said...

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Ferenje Mama said...

I also just found your blog today, but I am not going to make you review anything! :)

Just wanted to say hello and de-lurk. I have enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to say hello.

darci said...

yay, so fun! isn't it a blast to see them just soak up learning? and the BEST part for me is truly the family time, the way my kids are best friends..all of them! :) I am really jealous of the hs'ed friends at church..but happy for anna :)

Luke said...

I'm so glad homeschooling is rocking [smile]. May it continue to be a joy and a blessing!


Jamey... said...

I just found your blog and I'm enjoying it. I'm interested in hearing more about your homeschooling. I'm interested in doing that with my kids (in a few years), but I just wondered how it would work with little ones about. Once we're back home with our daughter this summer we'll have 3, 2, 1, year olds.


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