Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random goings-on

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments and emails on the previous post. I pray for these children each day and am hopeful that God will make beauty from ashes in their lives. That's what He does, afterall. He may not need me to participate as a mom in this work, but He can use my prayers. Having the ability to pray, we should never feel helpless...yet I know that so often I do. I want to change that.

Now on to more mundane things: I am seriously at a loss with blogging these days. I can rarely think about subjects for my posts, but I do like having a blog, and I don't like when it sits "dormant" for days on end. Hmmm.

At any rate, I'll just give you a quick update on our lives right now. We're wrapping up our first year of homeschooling, and Anna "graduates" from Kindergarten on Monday! Wow! We have had a wonderful, laid-back year. Yosef and Biniam are both so excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall...I'll have THREE kids to homeschool! This year has been really wonderful in that I've learned a lot about myself and our family, what works for us and what doesn't. Homeschooling can be a bit like parenting in that so much of it is trial-and-error. Some things work, some things don't, and you figure it out as you go.

May has been, and continues to be, unbelievably busy--but with fun things. Meanwhile of course we're still working on our homestudy and now need to start compiling things for our dossier. I hate having things hanging over my head and I hope that this next week we can dig and GET IT DONE. (I feel like I keep saying that, but then inevitably kids get sick, or our week fills up, and we don't have the chance to visit a notary public.)

Today's plans include errands (Costco + Target), coffee with friends this afternoon, and a meeting tonight. First though I need a shower.

Happy Thursday!


Shana said...

For blogging inspiration: I'd love to hear about the little details of your experience with home schooling. What worked? What didn't? What will you change? How has it affected your family? Any random tidbits, whether all in one post or spread out here and there, would be fun (at least for me). :)

joy said...

i missed your last post until just now. i am so sorry, brianna. i admire that you and kevin remain so open to seeing where God is leading you. i will pray for you guys and for those girls. hugs to you!


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