Friday, October 29, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday {#11}

1.  HUGE answer to prayer: if you recall in this post (you know, the one that has a funny picture of Kenny Rogers that cracks me up every time I look at it), I talked about how we were up against a hard-and-fast deadline with an adoption grant, because something we need for it has not arrived.  Well, Kevin called the grant organization and lo and behold, they agreed to wait for it and NOT disqualify us!!!  SUCH great, wonderful news.  Rejoicing over God's provisions, even in the little things.  Guess I'll visit Tennessee another time.

2.  I got up at 5:30 AM yesterday to:

frost cupcakes
do three heads of hair for crazy hair day.

Standing-ovation worthy, dontcha think? 

Look, if you  know me at ALL, then you KNOW I am NOT a morning person.  In the least.  This may or may not be why I love homeschooling so much.  Thursday mornings though I DO have to get up early because I take my kids to their homeschool program and it's a half-hour away.  Well yesterday was Yosef and Biniam's birthday (!), AND crazy hair day, so this mama was out of bed at 5:30.  Goodness.  We managed to get out of the door on time: two boys with bright green hair and one girl with six bright green ponytails and me with a bunch of cupcakes and stickers to hand out.  Oh yeah, and two other little girls coming along for the ride too.  Sweet success.  And all the more sweet since we didn't run out of gas on the way there!  Nothing like driving 35 mintues with the "empty" light on the whole way, brainstorming about what you're going to do when you're pulled off to the side of the highway in 32 degree weather with no gas, three kids with bright green hair, two littler kids, and a bunch of cupcakes.  (I think I'd probably just sit and eat the cupcakes.)

3.  I'm still a bit under the weather.  Boo.  I need to be well by Sunday because hello, it is Halloween, and I want to eat my kids' candy go trick-or-treating with the kiddies!!!  I LOVE watching my kids ring the doorbells and get candy.  I don't know why, but they have so much fun and it's super cute.  They love going to the neighbors' houses and seeing neighbors that we know.  It's also downright hysterical watching Kaitlyn lug around her big pumpkin-container full of loot.  There will also definitely be the annual viewing of It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown whilst sipping hot apple cider and eating popcorn balls.  One of my all-time favorites!

4.  Is Donald Trump really thinking about running for President in 2012?  Are some of the polls actually showing favorable results?  Would YOU vote for the Donald? 

5.  The cooler weather we've been having has been so fun.  I LOVE cozy sweaters, my Good Earth cinnamon herbal tea (it is seriously like drinking Red Hots but there is no artificial anything added!!!), and bundling up under a blanket in the evenings.  BUT, cooler weather ALSO brings with it what I will hereby refer to as, "The Battle of the Heater."  Maybe more like a war than a battle.  See Kevin doesn't like me running the heater as high or as often as I do.  But IIIIIII don't like being in a drafty, freezing cold house all day.  So I inevitably get all sorts of grief for how I heat my home, but at this point I say too bad because this is where I am all day.

6.  Mary is eating so many solid foods now, it's crazy.  She eats what the rest of us eat, more or less.  And I have to confess that food-wise, this stage is SO HARD for me because of the MESS!  Yucky high-chair, yucky crumbs (aka huge pieces of food) all over the floor, ugh.  Thankfully Yosef does a pretty mean job with the dustpan and broom and is most always happy to help.  But, yeah, not my most loved "eating stage" of childhood.  (Though I do appreciate the convenience of her self-feeding, as opposed to me spoon-feeding her purees.)

7.  My cousin posted something wild on Facebook yesterday: that clip from the Charlie Chaplin movie where it looks like a woman walks by talking on a cell phone!  Have you seen it?  CRAZY!  What on earth?!  Some people are claiming she's an actual time-traveler, but I don't believe in that, and yet I have no explanation for it.  Because it really does look like she is, indeed, talking on a cellphone.  In 1928.  Yet another one of those things that makes you go, "Hmmmm."


I hope you have a great weekend!  If you want to participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday, go to Conversion Diary and link up!


Kristen Borland said...

okay, so i haven't read the whole post because technically i'm supposed to be getting dressed and heading out to preschool pretty soon, BUT i had to comment on the battle of the heater.

when we were first married, in our tiny apartment that first winter, mike didn't want to use the heater. at all. not even once. for the sake of our budget. it was freezing! (of course, if we lived where it SNOWED, i'm sure he would have turned the heater on... to like 58 degrees at best.) he DID get me a space heater. and he DID laugh at me dressed up like a homeless person with all my layers on to stay warm (which always included my big red robe on top of it all, so he had good reason to laugh). (he even made me take a picture in said outfit, holding a drink wrapped in a paper bag--good times.) and even though i HATED being cold, i have such fond memories of that time. mainly because it was only for one winter! and because it involved so much snuggling.

so if we disagree about a degree or two when setting the heater (especially since i can't use my tried and true excuse of keeping a little baby warm since i no longer have a little baby), i think back to that winter and am grateful that i at least get to turn the dang thing on!

Brianna Heldt said...

Kristen HAHAHA!!!! Please, PLEASE post that picture of you dressed in all your layers w/ the brown paper bag on your blog. It's a great mental image, but I bet the photo's even better!

And yes, what is it with men not wanting to use the heater? That's what it's there for, and you can't put a pricetag on comfort. (At least, that's what I tell myself. :) )

Kristen Borland said...

I'm not sure I can find that picture, but I'll "try" super hard. ;)

This Heavenly Life said...

I haven't watched that facebook video yet, but now my interest is piqued! That kind of creepy, I like -- anything spookier and I'll cover my eyes :)

Nonetheless, I LOVE Halloween, and your traditions sound much like our own...except I've forgotten about popcorn balls! Do you have a recipe?

Brianna Heldt said...

This Heavenly Life, I made a pretty good recipe last year (that used marshmallows too, yum!) but I don't know if I can find it again! It was just something online.

I'll take a look around and maybe post it if I can find it! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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