Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Empty house and random updates

Matching Dorothy's on Halloween.  Love these two together!

I know, it hardly seems possible with nine people in our family!  But as of today, our houseguests are all gone and it feels a bit empty around here...even with seven kids racing around.  :)  My dad was visiting for a couple of weeks, and my dear friend and her three kids were here for a few days.  I already miss every single one of them!

Things at the House of Heldt are going well for the most part.  Assorted kids are recovering from assorted colds.  I'm still on antibiotics for my second round of strep throat and am feeling pretty well, though am a bit paranoid about whether or not I've actually kicked this thing or not.

Tigist just finished up her first week of therapy--physical therapy on Tuesday, and occupational therapy today.  I have been so impressed with the therapists and their enthusiasm and gentle way with my daughter.  Who of course is a huge hit with her smiling and clapping and positive attitude.  So proud of that girl!

Friday of course is surgery day for both Tigist and Mekdes.  Gearing up for that and desperately hoping they will be healthy enough to have the procedures. 

There is really just so much to catch up on, between housework and laundry and email and general life stuff.  Oh, and blogging.  I'm looking forward to digging in over the next several days and reconnecting with all of you!

So in the meantime, I hope you're having a fabulous week and enjoying this beautiful Fall season.


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