Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One week home

As of yesterday, Mekdes has been home from the hospital for a week now.  Her open heart surgery was a week and a half ago.

And, oh my goodness friends, she is doing amazingly well.

The surgery itself couldn't have gone any better.

And the only sign that Mekdes has even had surgery (aside from her rather large incision wound) was that she was extremely lethargic up until a couple of days ago.  But now she's up and about and playing again.

The photo above is from Mass last Wednesday night, when we celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Our parish had a dinner afterwards and that's Mekdes, at the table.  Only two days after we'd come home, less than a week after her surgery, and yet there she was, smiling. 

What a special time it was honoring Mary, with Mekdes, so soon after her surgery.  Mary the mother of God has actually always held a special place in my heart, even before I was Catholic.  I'd always loved the story of the Anunciation, and the Magnificat, and I think the Hail Mary is one of the most beautiful prayers ever.  And lately I've been thinking about how even when my daughter had nobody else, when she was an orphan and alone and living with some very serious heart problems...she had Jesus and His mother.  We believe, afterall, that Mary prays and intercedes for us.  And I bet she has a super special place in her heart for those without mothers. 

So, yes, Mekdes is doing quite well.  It all feels rather miraculous, really.  We are of course a bit, um, tired--what an insane past few months this has been!!!--but oh, we are blessed.

Because the truth is that amidst the surgeries and therapies and endless laundry, God is faithful, my sweet little girl is healing, and during this season of Advent I'm doing my very best to take it all in. 


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