Friday, May 04, 2012

Traffic court attempt

Please tell me that lame things happen to you sometimes too.  Pretty please?

Because yesterday afternoon was beyond lame--total traffic court fail (remember this unfortunate incident?), due to the clerk on the phone giving me bad information that the (rude) clerk at the courthouse denied.  Thus I did not successfully complete traffic court, meaning that I wasted an afternoon and oh, did I mention I'd arranged for my mom to watch my seven children while my dad drove me there and back?  So yeah, I wasted their afternoon too.

And now I have to go back to actually, well, attend traffic court.


But, it could have been worse.

Because I got to visit this beautiful building--not too shabby for a traffic violation!

While surrounded by the sights of downtown Denver.  I love the city.

I got to read more in this amazing biography about Mother Angelica while waiting for my dad to pick me up.

While wearing some fun flats.

Sometimes life's inconveniences really make me mad.  That being said, I really shouldn't dwell on them because, oh my goodness, my life is good.  Really, really good.  I detest hassles and having my time wasted, but in the grand scheme of things, even a stressful visit to the courthouse pales in comparison to how much I really kind of love my happy little existence.

But I don't love traffic court.

And I'll be glad when it's done.


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