Friday, May 11, 2012

Wisconsin road trip

A house driving down the road, somewhere in Minnesota.

You take semi-spontaneous cross-country roadtrips with your seven kids too, right?


Well, I do.

My husband's dear grandfather just recently passed away, and his funeral was held in Wisconsin this past Wednesday afternoon.  We of course live in Colorado--which makes for a bit of a trek--but Kevin received time off for bereavement so we were blessed to be able to attend, long drive and all.

This may surprise you, but every single one of my kids actually loves a good road trip.  As in, they are deliriously happy anytime we load up the van and set off into the sunset. 

Sunrise, technically, since we generally leave super duper early in the morning.

And to be honest, I kind of love road trips myself.  Once all the laundry and packing and general prep is done, I enjoy getting to spend all those mostly-uninterrupted hours with my husband--chatting, indulging in junk food, and having an adventure.  And the kids do GREAT in the car so no real problems there.

This was actually our maiden voyage roadtripping it with all seven kids in our big, huge van

And it kind of rocked. 

Because it turns out that aside from the unfortunate gas consumption (that van is one thirsty beast!), big passenger vans are officially the best cars ever for roadtripping.  Lots of space for people and room for luggage.  Love.

We really did have a great trip, enjoyed reconnecting with family, and I think Mekdes and Tigist proved themselves to be true Heldt kids as they survived--and loved--their first-ever Heldt Family Cross-Country Excursion.

I'll share more about our time there--and a really fun stop we made on the way home--soon!  But for now it's time to get caught up on laundry, homeschool my kids, and attempt to get back into the swing of things around here.  As always, it's great to get away (even for just a few days), and great to come home!


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