Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 + 1

Look at me, using a math problem for my subject line.

What could it mean, I wonder?

Well, I'll tell you:

I'm having a baby!

We found out about this littlest of Heldts on our ten-year anniversary, which is so extra special because we found out we were expecting our oldest on our one-year anniversary. Love.

I'm not very far along right now, just eight weeks or so. And while I would have preferred to wait until the first trimester had passed before making a baby announcement, my hand was forced when one of our friends offered me a drink...and I had to turn him down.

Which is apparently rather uncharacteristic of me.


I am thrilled (yes, thrilled!) to be mama to this precious little one. Yes, it's also a little overwhelming to wrap my mind around child number eight joining the family and all that entails, but ohmygoodness, I am thrilled!

If it comes to mind, please do pray for my baby and for the pregnancy. The first trimester is always a bit unnerving for me (having miscarried twice over the past several years), and while I'm completely hopeful that everything is fine, I'm also completely afraid that it won't be. We're in California right now, and I truly hope that things continue progressing as they should--especially because we're traveling and far away from home.

But anyway.

Yay for the joy of new life, for the gift of love that each and every child brings, and for baby number EIGHT!


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