Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Driving our rig across Nevada.

1.)  We're home!  Back yesterday from a one-and-a-half-week roadtrip to California.  It was super fun, but I admit I am utterly EXHAUSTED.  And horribly behind on laundry!

2.)  My pregnancy is still going well--thank you so much for your prayers!  I'm nine and a half weeks along now and, truth be told, feeling lousy.  :)  I'm tired, and completely nauseous for much of the day.  Add to that the stifling heat in Denver, and you can see it's not a very pretty picture. 

3.)  We're in the process of getting a swamp cooler, but the people who were supposed to come do it have cancelled on us TWICE now.  Ugh.  Clearly they are not in their first trimester of pregnancy.  Or they are, and are holed up in their nice air-conditioned homes while I sweat in mine.  Hmmm.

4.)  The summer is literally flying by and I'm very aware that before we know it, another school year will be starting.  We educate our children at home, and so this means that a lot of organizing and planning needs to happen between now and then.  I have most of my curriculum already, but there are still some loose ends I need to tweak and tie.  I'm also hoping to cobble together some sort of schedule for the year, because after last year's globe-trotting, three heart surgeries, and multiple therapies a week, I'm ready to really dig in.

5.)  Blogging.  Writing.  It's been hard since my falling prey to fatigue and morning sickness, but I'm hoping to get back into the routine, and soon.  In part because I didn't quite offend as many people as I'd hoped with my commentary on 50 Shades of Grey

6.)  That was me being sarcastic.  I don't actually like offending people, and like to steer clear of writing on overly controversial subjects.  Like, pornography-dressed-up-as-literature for women.  However, I made an exception in this case, which maybe I'll explain later.  For now I'll simply say that you can't please everyone all of the time, and this is something that bloggers face on a regular basis.  So while I don't like ticking people off, I do enjoy writing on meaningful things, even if it sometimes upsets people.

7.)  We have a fun weekend up ahead, which will hopefully include some sort of Taco Bell feast.  Because I crave Taco Bell like mad when I'm pregnant.  Not sure why.  But let's just say that when we exited the highway around 1 am on our way home from California in pursuit of the aforementioned culinary delights, and it was closed, I nearly cried.  For reals.  And while I settled instead for a Rolos McFlurry from an establishment that WAS open, I inwardly longed for a bunch of nacho cheese to go with it.  Don't judge.


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