Wednesday, July 06, 2005


God led us to start considering international adoption several months ago. While we'd never given it much thought in the past, God planted the idea in my head (seemingly from out of nowhere) and upon doing further research, I was amazed by the HUGE number of children orphaned in other parts of the world. I also felt sad that prior to this, I'd really had no idea that so many little ones were without homes.

I guess I just really didn't have a "global perspective" on life---I'd never gone on a missions trip or really thought much about what goes on in other parts of the world. In February we attended a missions dinner at our church where different missionaries spoke and gave updates on what they've been doing. I was particularly moved by the missionaries to Romania and the stories of the millions of children there living on the streets and in orphanages. I think God planted some seeds in both our hearts and minds that night, even though we didn't know it at the time. In addition, some close friends of ours had gone to Sri Lanka on a missions trip last summer. Seeing their hearts open to these people a world away was an amazing thing to see.

Initially, the whole concept of international adoption challenged me in terms of thinking about what a family is. It's not all "neat and tidy." As members of an adoptive family, we won't all look alike. We'll be asked some tough questions here and there. We will have to face and overcome some stereotypes. Yet God's kingdom isn't always "neat and tidy" by man's standards. He loves variety and we see that everyday in all aspects of His creation. And often He calls us to do things that challenge our more narrow ways of thinking. At this point I am just plain excited to get to take this child as my own and count it a privilege to get to raise a little one from another part of the world. What a blessing he/she will be to us, to Anna, and to our friends and family. I see what a precious creature Anna is and cannot wait to meet the child God created to be her brother/sister. (And I can't even begin to imagine the mischief they'll get into together!)

As for why we're specifically adopting from Africa, we were instantly drawn to the children of Ethiopia. Located in East Africa, it is an amazing country with an amazing history and a truly strong people. While adoption isn't always "neat and tidy," we are just so excited and we know the Lord will give us the grace, strength and love to give to one of His precious children in Africa.

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