Saturday, July 30, 2005


Our homestudy is well underway. We've gotten our Livescan fingerprints done (at the Sheriff's office--we even got to see an inmate!), completed pretty much all of the paperwork, have filed the I600A form with CIS (formerly INS), and will have our physicals this week. Once our physicals are done and the forms mailed off, all that will be left will be the interviews with the social worker and more fingerprinting for CIS. Yayyyy!

Yesterday in the mail we received a HUGE packet of information from AAI, the agency we're adopting through. YIKES! It's all of the things we need to do for our dossier (essentially a packet of certified documents that will be sent to Ethiopia.) I am in disbelief---every single thing has to be notarized. A letter from our bank, Kevin's employer, our doctor, two letters of reference---it all has to be notarized! Sheesh! Just when you feel like you're making progress....:) The good news, however, is that once all of THAT is done, we'll be completely good to go! We won't be eligible for a referral of a child until our homestudy is approved anyway, which should take maybe 8-12 weeks, so that gives us plenty of time to get this dossier done (I think you can be eligible for a referral before the dossier is finished but I'm not positive.)

What a crazy process! We are so excited though, and obviously it will all be well worth it. I look at Anna and know without a doubt there's nothing I wouldn't have done to have her as my daughter.

So until next time, please be praying that we'll be able to get all this crazy stuff done! :)

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