Saturday, July 16, 2005

Second Step!

Well we heard back from AAI today and we are officially "pre-approved!!" We received a large packet in the mail from them and the book "Raising Adopted Children" by Lois Ruskai Melina as well, which we are both supposed to read. We now must send AAI the following items:

  • Photocopy of our marriage certificate
  • Insurance letter (a photocopy of the part of our insurance booklet verifying coverage of adoptive children)
  • Letter of commitment (stating what we will do to assist orphans who are still unadopted)
  • Family photo
  • Family Questionnaire (a huge list of various health conditions stating whether we would or would not consider taking a child with that condition.)
  • Communication form (letting them know the best ways to keep in touch with us)
  • Release of homestudy form
  • Adoption processing (contract and fee)
We already have the marriage certificate, insurance letter, and family photo ready to go (we knew ahead of time we'd need these things), so once we fill out those forms (which we're doing tonight), we should be able to get all of this sent off. This will complete our file at AAI. At that point we can begin preparing our dossier that will be sent to Ethiopia (meanwhile starting our homestudy with a local social worker.) We are so, so excited and praising God for this amazing blessing and opportunity.

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