Monday, September 25, 2006

Pregnancy update

By request, I am posting an update on the pregnancy. :) Here's the latest, in no particular order:
--I feel the baby moving more and more lately, which makes me really happy. :) My stomach doesn't get too sick anymore, just sometimes after I take the prenatal vitamins, but I do get sleepy. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday (which Kevin got to go to as well) where we got to hear the swishy heartbeat, very cool!

--Today I have to go to the lab to have my blood drawn for the AFP screening. I am taking the kids along, we'll see how that goes!

--Yep, my stomach is growing, and very few of my clothes fit. I have to plan extra time for getting ready to go somewhere beacause sometimes I discover that what I've planned to wear doesn't fit. My whole middle section, front and back, has expanded and I've been packing on the pounds, although I try to eat right.

--I have an ultrasound next month, where I'm hoping we can find out the sex of the baby! Woohoo! (I say hoping because with Anna, she had her feet in the way and we didn't get to find out until a later ultrasound.)

--This pregnancy is very similar to my pregnancy with Anna in that the due date they gave me based solely on my cycle (February 19) is sooner than the due date the ultrasound showed (March 8 I think.) So once again they revised my due date, to March 8. I didn't fall for it with Anna and I'm not falling for it this time either!

--Being pregnant with three toddlers is pretty hazardous. On Friday I was sitting there on the couch, minding my own business, when Yosef (who probably weighs about 20 pounds) sat down rather suddenly and rather hard, right on my stomach. Yikes! I am so paranoid about something going wrong I was really worried, but I've felt the baby moving plenty since then so apparently Yosef didn't squish him/her. Not even born yet and getting picked on by its older brother!

--I don't think about the baby/pregnancy nearly as much as I did when I was expecting Anna, probably because I have three kids now who keep me plenty occupied. It's kind of weird!

I think that's it. I'm really enjoying being pregnant right now in certain ways, it's so neat getting to feel the baby flipping around in there. I can't wait to meet him/her!


Shana said...

Glad to hear things are progressing well, and you aren't too sick!

Rachel said...

I wouldn't be too paranoid about the older kids sitting on the newest one. It will hurt much more when baby is innocently laying on a blanket and gets trampled by older sibling :) Obviously there are some risks with dislodging the placenta, but women have been taking care of babies and having babies for hundrends of years, so there has to be some comfort in that. Can you tell that I am trying to convince myself that it is okay that Aubrey also tramples her little sibling at least twice a day without warning :)

I'm glad to hear everything is going well. How far along will you be at the ultrasound next month? It seems like a long way off. We should be able to find out in November I think. 2 cents said...

I am glad to hear the pregnancy is going well! I hope the baby cooperates next month! :)

caringforkids said...

Congratulations Heldts! I wish you a happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancy and delivery. Seeing how wonderful you are with the three kiddos in your home right now, I am positive that you will be fantastic parents of four, just as you have been to three.


Bek said...

Glad it is going well.

We had our first "toddlar picking up the baby" today AND the first "toddlar steps on the baby" so I feel your worry.

I hope it all continues to go well. I can't imagine that you have ANY extra minutes to think about anything w/ the three little ones. Maybe that will make the time go faster? :-)

darci said...

so great to hear the 'baby news'. very exciting. and I know, I had a dif of a MONTH in between my 'due dates' too..unfortunately I fell for it..sigh. :) Glad you're feeling pretty good.


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