Thursday, September 21, 2006

Re-adoption frustrations

Well I haven't blogged in almost a week, how lame. :) Nothing is new with us, except we are knee-deep in trying to adopt our boys through the local courts. Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG! It SHOULD have been simple, but thanks to our homestudy/postplacement agency dropping the ball (NOT AAI, they are our placing agency and they are wonderful!), we are currently running around trying to find an agency that will do the court order necessary for the finalization and that will accept our postplacement agency's postplacement reports. Yuck.

The thing is, our adoption is unique because technically we are adopting our boys out of a disruption. It is, for all legal purposes, actually a domestic adoption, because the boys legally belong to Adoption Advocates International in Washington state right now (remember, their "first" adoptive parents changed their minds in Ethiopia and relinquished the boys when they returned to the US.) Our homestudy/postplacement agency has known this special circumstance all along, our social worker was aware, etc. We signed the documents for the finalization, Kevin had his employer fill out a form, we paid the fees, all was going according to plan. Until they called and said oops, they were "unaware" that this was a domestic adoption (um, not true, they were VERY aware) and they are not licensed to do finalizations for domestic adoptions, just international. Basically they told me, good luck with that.

So now I am trying to find out a way to clean up this mess (without it costing us hundreds of extra dollars due to an agency's oversight.) I will be SO happy when it's all behind us and the judge declares these boys legally ours! So that is our update. Hopefully it'll be resolved SOON!


Bek said...

That is so aggrivating!!

I didn't know your adoption was a did I miss that? At least the people had the sense to know what they could handle and did what they felt they had to before it became to late. I hate to hear stories like that, but it takes a big person to rectify a mistake before it hurts too many people. :-)

Glad you have the boys....

richlisad said...

Sorry for your frustrating situation. It seems like finishing up the last little details are always the hardest, so I hope it goes smoothly and the questions get sorted out.

Bless you guys!

Brianna Heldt said...

bek, well technically it is a disruption but the people only spent a few days with the boys in Ethiopia before deciding they didn't want them (well they wanted one of them--actually it is a sad story, they got a lawyer involved, used their legal guardianship of the boys as leverage for awhile, ick.) SO we flew to Ethiopia to pick up the boys, that part of the process was like normal, except they already had their visas. So legally a disruption but from our standpoint it went pretty much like a standard Ethiopian adoption.

richlisad, yeah the loose ends do seem to be the worst, and it's no fun to discover you've gone with a rather clueless homestudy/postplacement agency!

Solomon & Malachi said...

My opinion? Adoption is soooo much harder then labor & delivery. Worth it (remind me of this as the months in limbo tick slowly by), but difficult indeed. Hang in there - at least you're not at risk for losing them. We'll pray. Keep us in your prayes, too, K?

Oh, heh heh - I forgot you're in line for labor & delivery as well, huh? :)

Shana said...

What a bummer to have to deal with this mess.

Speaking of labor and delivery, how about a post on how your pregnancy is going? And you're probably sporting a belly by now, huh?


charruff said...

We've just started the process of adopting a brother/sister set from Ethiopia. Soooo amazingly excited and feel love for these precious treasures already. There's so much we still don't know. I love your blog.

Jeannett Gibson said...

How abnoxious! I'm so sad that it's obviously not going to be easy...I wish I knew how to help you out, but sadly, my legal experience is within the real estate and development world...not much help for you. :0(

Love you anyway!

Anonymous said...

how frustrating! that's insane. you will be such experts on adoption, though, when this is finalized. you can give us the low-down, all the dos and don'ts, when it's our turn.

praying for you. God will bless all of this, as you are well aware. :)

how's the little kicker in your tummy?? gender announcements yet?

kristen borland

Rachel said...

How dissapointing! It's too bad this agency isn't willing to help you out with this last step. One would think they would have some names of other agencies that could assist you.

Raskell Party of 8 said...

We are just starting our process and hoping it goes smoothly. We have been fortunate to have a great homestudy lady. You are in my prayers to have God send you the best person/agency for the job!

Amy said...

umm I can't imagine who could possibly change their mind after getting back to the states. Those boys are too precious...It is possible that I have not read enough to fully understand the situation...I will now read further. :)


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