Monday, November 27, 2006

Heldt Thanksgiving and updates

Our Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing, although the days leading up to it were not! I was still sick with the stomach flu, and trying to get stuff ready to go spend a few days at my parents' house is not easy when you don't feel well. Not to mention I had the dreaded glucose tolerance test Wednesday morning...10 oz. of horrible lemon lime in less than 5 minutes. (While at the lab I got a call from Kevin saying Biniam had thrown up that morning. Ugh. However, he ate his breakfast and was his usual crazy, energetic self so we took it to be a fluke--not so smart as you will soon see.)

Somehow though, Wednesday evening we ailing Heldts managed to have the car all packed up, the kids bathed and nestled happily into their carseats, and the house locked up. Kevin and I were midway to the car to climb in ourselves when it happened...Biniam threw up all over his freshly-bathed self and his carseat...

SO we got Anna and Yosef out of the car and inside (poor Anna was really traumatized by the whole experience) and put on a video for them. I gave Biniam another bath while poor Kevin tried cleaning up the carseat best he could. A long time later, we reloaded the kids in the car (this time we laid a towel over Biniam just in case) and FINALLY set off to my parents'. Luckily they only live an hour away. (Biniam was fine the rest of the trip, must have just been the tail end of the flu for him or something. What was not fine was how the car smelled. Or the way those carseats are designed to be the most difficult things to clean.)

Fortunately the time at my parents' was a lot of fun--it was our first Thanksgiving with Yosef and Biniam! Our time there included lots of stories being read, the kids got their usual wheelbarrow ride from Grandpa, and there was lots of food to be eaten. Biniam is a little "Grandpa's boy" and spent tons of time cuddling with my dad. It is so neat to see our sons bonding with extended family and friends and forming those relationships.

Random Heldt updates:

Yesterday Anna moved up to the next Sunday school class at church, which she liked. They are working on learning "Away in a Manger" to sing at church in December! I am so excited about this (I know, what a dork) as it's the first "performance" for any of our kids in anything. I can't wait to see Anna up there not singing with all the other little kids not singing, but looking cute as can be.

I am quite pleased that Seinfeld Season 7 is out--why do they wait so long to release each one? Don't they know it doesn't take an entire year to watch each season? (For us it probably doesn't even take a month!)

We are finally all healthy and somewhat back to normal (though much of my house is in shambles, yuck. I hate getting behind on housework.) I'm 28 weeks pregnant today and have not yet grasped the reality that I will have a baby within three months. I wonder when it will set in?


Tamara said...

Oh my goodness, at least the puking was only 2 episodes. But you are right about carseats. I am convinced the person who designed them does NOT have children; Gregory is on his third seat and he is 4 1/2 because of various incidents (mostly g-tube and pediasure related).

Glad to hear everything else went well. The pregnancy will probably hit you at 8 months when it gets REALLY hard to move around and you are looking around panicing about if you can do it! Which you will, you are great :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you all are feeling better!!
Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving!! How fun for Anna to be in a little program! Sounds cute!! :)

Rachel said...

I hear you on the carseat thing. Aubrey had spilled a lot of milk in hers on our trip home from California. It smelled like throw up after a few days. Two washes later it was back to normal, whatever that is. I currently hate our carseat and am thinking of getting one that is better made all around.

Congrats on 28 weeks!!! That is crazy to think that you are potentially 7 weeks away! I'm halfway on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

it will "sink in" during that horrid "transition" part of labor. :) glad you are all finally well. how was the boys' b-day party. sorry we missed it. we want to invite ourselves down one of these weekends.

kristen borland

Brianna Heldt said...

When I had Anna I really didn't have "transition" (going from 7 cm to 10 cm in less than 5 minutes will do that to ya I guess!), so we'll see!

Yeah I'm sorry you couldn't make it, invite yourself away! :)

Solomon & Malachi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your kiddos are so very cute!!


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