Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two long days

I know, I have not blogged in forever. We've been busy, I've been tired, and I am now currently knee-deep in the process of potty-training my daughter. Fun. Sort-of.

On the upside, she doesn't have "accidents" and totally knows how and is usually willing to use the potty. On the downside, she inherited all of her mother's stubborness and can apparently "hold it" all day long if she wants. It's been 7.5 hours today to be exact. What this means is that she won't nap (I won't put a pull-up or diaper on her for naptime because she will just hold it until then, and therefore there would never be an opportunity for her to use the potty.) It's only day two of the potty-training (I'm basically using the "potty train your kid in a day" method even though I've never read the book myself) and I realize I should remain optimistic and be glad that I'm not cleaning up accidents. However, I'm EXHAUSTED and wondering how long this kid can hold out. (But I can be stubborn too and I WILL remain consistent with this, there is so no going back now!)

Funny thing is, I was so not in a hurry to do the potty training thing. I don't mind diapers all that much and life is crazy enough as it is right now. However, Anna got a HORRIBLE contact rash from her Pampers diapers (I mean truly awful--another HUGE reason I won't put a diaper or pullup on her for naptime yet) and so I'm committed to doing it now. So all this week we are staying home and trying to get this thing mastered and her rash cleared up.


Rachel said...

Have you tried giving her an incentive for using the potty? That might get her in there. Like 3 M &M's or something that won't kill her or your budget?

I am not looking forward to potty training either. It seems like it would be more work since a kid can pee several times before there diaper is changed.

I now use the Target brand diapers (and have been since Aubrey was 9 months). Way cheaper and fit like Pampers.

Brianna Heldt said...

Oh we use incentives! Candy, and of course we cheer for her and have her call Daddy at work or Grandma and Grandpa to tell them she used her big-girl potty. Also bought her some fun undies that she's excited about. Over the course of the day I've discovered her one issue right now is, she just plain wants to wear a diaper.

The boys wear Target diapers right now. They are cheaper and I am all for that!

Tamara said...

Hannah is fully potty trained and she can hold it all day too. She will pee before bedtime and then sometimes won't go until 4 in the afternoon! She is a chugger too, so I guess she must have the biggest bladder in the world... (Gregory and I on the other hand have to pee every hour or so!)

Have you tried doing some sort of "burial" for the diapers? We did that with binkies and diapers and it worked really great. We had Karen come over and Greg home and we did a little speech and then went to dinner to celebrate. They never asked for them again (Gregory does still wear diapers at night though because his g-tube feedings fill him up and he is a hard sleeper)

Tamara said...

And oh yea; ALWAYS carry extra clothes, even when she fully gets it. I cleaned them out of our car one day and the day after that Hannah had an accident in the store when we were stuck in a transaction with the worlds slowest cashier.... the woman was doing it on purpose so I let her clean up the pee!!

And make sure to offer it to her frequently; boys are great because they can just pee in the bushes when it is an emergancy! (This revelation made me jealous!)

Okay, I am done with my endless rambling! :)

5KidMom said...

Potty training sucks....end of story!!

darci said...

hang in there, girl! my littlest went for TEN hours once..I was afraid she would pop. :) This too shall pass, and she'll be happily wearing her big girl panties and this will all be a distant memory:)

Rachel said...

A firend of mine is also potty training and her girl poops in her big girl undies! Yuck. Her reward is to wash her hands afterward until all the soap is gone. Awesome!!!

shells said...

I wish I had advice, but you have read all of my potty training stories, and i am not to good at it. i agree with 5kidmom-It sucks!!!


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