Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Monopoly woes

I was at WalMart this past weekend with my mom and they had some board games on sale. I picked up Monopoly and Life, with the hopes that Kevin would be willing to play them with me. In the past he has always grumbled about not liking Monopoly, so we've never played together.

Sunday afternoon we played and I won--by a landslide! Monday he went to work and researched Monopoly strategies (gotta love Wikipedia) and I have not won since. :( We played Monday night and then again last night. Last night it was his hotel on Marvin Gardens that did me in. (Bummer when you have no source of income except for passing "Go" because all of your properties are mortgaged.)

Let it be known that I WILL win again. I had some bad luck last night but I think my strategy has gotten better (I can read Wikipedia articles too as it turns out). When my mom and I would play, we played "nice." No crazy strategies to block people from getting a monopoly, etc. But when I play Kevin, it is war.


Kevin Heldt said...

Oh dear, you are not telling it right. I had never played Monopoly before and really knew nothing about it -- thus your victory. (A little sad to be so gleeful about beating an unarmed man don't you think?) Then I educated myself on how to actually play the game (Wikipedia was not my primary source by the way -- their feeble tips were rather paltry compared to the motherlode I found elsewhere) -- thus my consecutive victories. I did feel a little bad tightening the vice on you like that but alas, this is the dog-eat-dog world of Real Estate. And you can console yourself all you like with your "I had some bad luck last night" talk; let's not forget I went to jail 4 times in about 6 turns and still came out victorious. As the reader can plainly see, trash talking is a key part of Brianna's and my game-playing.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! my husband is a Wikipedia nut. man, lets find you guys a job in the midwest so we can be our men!!!!

Rachel said...

Kev I think you may be fibbing. How is it that Mike has plenty of Monopoly experience and his little brother has none? Brianna, you cannot be too competitive with two players. It is kinda all in the first few trips around the board. You really need a third person to add some dimension to the game. Mike and I love to play, but if it is going to be a landslide we quit after the first twenty minutes. We played with another couple and had a blast. It is a lot more fun when you understand the game. I hate the game of Life by the way. I always end up with a dead end job and too many mouths to feed!

Jeannett Gibson said...

This makes me LAUGH. What is especially funny is that I have REFUSED to ever play Monopoly with Andy EVER AGAIN, for fear that it will end in our divorce. He is SOOO competitive about it, and gets all worked up and aggressive about it. I, on the other hand, grew up enjoying the game by playing "nicely". Andy and his youth group used to play these marathon games so he now knows no other way to play it but with pent up teenage junior high angst.

As I said, because I value my marriage, Monopoly is forbidden. (And I'm kinda not joking).

Andy Gibson said...

Yes, I can wax you, dear. Those marathon sessions in high school and beginning of college built a Monopoly powerhouse (read: the lack of humbleness is part of the sarcasm, I'm only kinda kidding). Only Dane or Ryan Sato can really beat me if I am giving it my best and we are playing by all of the "man rules" of which, dear, you hate (even though they are right). Maybe I'll take one of the monopolies (yes, I own 6 editions, I think) to the retreat this weekend...we can play via lantern and I can teach Kevin some tricks, just so you ladies NEVER stand a chance against us seasoned Monopoly gamers.

Tamara said...

Wow, I thought is was only me with a husband that gets kind of nutty over board games!! His game is Risk though; and it has sat in our closet since the first year of our marriage because he gets so crazy!


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