Sunday, August 26, 2007

Brianna's Sunday thoughts

--I was so sleepy this afternoon that I had to take a nap. But why is it I always wake up feeling groggy and grumpy after a nap????

--Currently reading "The Kite Runner". Pretty depressing, but I'm loving how the story is set against the historical backdrop of Afghanistan. Middle Eastern culture fascinates me.

--The football game's on (not my choice of course) and if only I had a dime for all the Viagra/Cialis commercials!!! They're really pushing these newfangled "E.D." drugs!

--We're out of ice cream. :(

--Just bought Anna some new shoes at Target, which she wore for the first time today and they gave her blisters! Grrrr! So I'm going to try to return them--I hope they take them back. (Where does everyone buy shoes for their kids?)

--I love the Carter's outlet. They have the sweetest clothes for little girls!

--I've been reading through the Psalms lately and I love how real and honest they are.

--Talked today in Sunday School about the discipline of scripture memorization. I have John 3:16 memorized, and that's about it. There are a few other verses I would like to commit to memory at some point as well. Had discussion about our time with God, growing spiritually, is it the amount of time spent, quality of time spent, etc.? Is it possible to hide God's word in your heart in more ways besides "quiet times"? How to guard against a purely academic pursuit of God. These are, I think, good questions and I was interested in the perspectives at our table. I think I was hungriest for God's Word specifically in college for whatever reason, and now I find I'm more just simply hungry for God Himself. I also find myself wanting to learn more and more who Jesus was, who God is, what He has for me to do, what my life should look like. One small example, James says pure and faultless religion is caring for orphans and widows in their how should that verse be impacting my life, what should it look like, what more can I do.

--Yosef has been difficult lately--testing, talking back, throwing tantrums here and there (basically acting his age I guess). Tough because he's generally our happy-go-lucky, "easy" kid. But I love his sweet smile, delirious laughter, and how I'm his mommy even on bad days. I pray God will help me keep this perspective, because all too often I forget that one of the greatest joys and responsibilities of being a mother is loving my children for who they are, regardless of the kind of day they're having. I took the above picture of Yosef on Friday and I think it captures his personality pretty well. He is such a beautiful boy, both inside and out!


erika said...

I like your Sunday thoughts... I've been thinking some of these lately.. in fact, sometimes I wake up groggy from naps and friends are getting tours into the back messy places of my house... Can you imagine? ;) Thanks Again -E

Lisa Leonard said...

Love the pic! I enjoyed watching your kiddos run & play today at church. Probably a very good sign that Yosef is asserting himself--but I know it can be draining! Maybe Anna just needs to break her shoes in? Have you tried them with socks?

Stacey said...

Hi Brianna,
I can relate to what you are going through with Yosef. It is totally age related. Elias has always been so super easy going and happily obedient to mommmy & daddy, but recently he too has begun to get a little sassy with us. And it also seems that whatever he picks up and has in his hand he throws. It is such a different experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am so very thankful the Lord has blessed us with this beautiful Ethiopian jewel and I can't wait for our next blessing.

Samantha said...

We sometimes get shoes at Target, but also at the used kid store (you can get much better branded shoes- stride rite or gymboree for less), and ebay. I am addicted to ebay. I recently bought new leather boots and also got a cashmere sweater for $15!

Our "easy" child has been testing the waters recently too. She is pretty sassy lately complete with the bad attitude and testing the water. She is much more comliant than the other ever was though, so she should be easier to "break!" it is all about consistency, unfortunately.

Regarding Scripture memory. I too fall very short in that category, but now have a list of verses that the kids and I are memorizing together. We go through and learn one by one, however long that takes, sometimes it is even a whole chapter in Psalms. It is important to review the old ones or else they forget, bummer! Read the Bible aloud to them. Even if you have to stop to discipline every five seconds, you are being obedient to God by teaching His Word to your children and fruit will come from it.

Most importantly, just keep a good attitude, something I am totally lacking these days, and that covers a multitude of shortcomings!

Joy said...

the kite runner is depressing, but wait until you read his next book--as a mother, to read the next one is especially heartbreaking.

i hear you on the Bible verses and spiritual things in general. i'd love to talk more with you sometime. playdate sometime soon?

shoes--i don't know. my boys always wear socks so it's a non-issue for me at this point.

so sad about the ice cream :(

Phillip Moses said...

KiteRunner is a wonderful and horrible book. I loved and hated it.

Right after I read it, we ended up working on the new movie:

It was fun getting paid to fly a kite "for reference."

Brianna Heldt said...

joy YES let's definitely get together soon!!! i am almost done w/ the kite runner and it is excellent, just so sad! what's his next book called???

phillip when will the movie come out? i'd love to see it. (and yeah, getting paid to fly a kite, not too shabby!)

shell said...

i love hearing you talking about bible memorization. i think it is so important, though i am not always great at it! a great place to start is the navigators topical memory system ( they go through the basics, like christ is the center, prayer, etc. we used them in college and we still print them out on business card sized cards so you can just slip them in your pocket!
psalm 119:11- i have hidden your word in my heart that i might not sin against you.
sorry, no advice on shoes. :)

Jeannett Gibson said...

Actually sad I missed 2:42...dang.

Brianna Heldt said...

jeannett that is truly something! :)


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