Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Elementary school revisited

Some things I wanted to be "when I grew up":


Music I listened to:

--New Kids on the Block
--Vanilla Ice
--Wilson Phillips
--MC Hammer
--Garth Brooks
--Reba McEntire

Stuff I wore:

--Neon colors
--Acid-washed jeans w/ zippers and bows on the legs
--Leggings+big sweaters

Movies I watched:

--The Neverending Story
--3 Ninjas
--The Goonies

Books I loved:
--The Babysitters Club

Halloween costumes:
--Steve Urkel (don't ask)

Places I loved to go:
--Flippo's (is it not so sad that this place finally closed down?!)
--Wet Seal
--Taco Bell
--Creston pool (Marco Polo, anyone?)
--Friends' houses

Extracurricular activities:
--Band (I played a mean clarinet--hehe)

Cool stuff I owned:
--Trapperkeeper (w/ kittens on it)
--Teddy Ruxpin


Jacquelyn said...

Ahhhh back in the good old '80s... thanks for the trip down memory lane

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for the memories!

Question: Did you ever get to ride in the "giant skate" for a bday party at Flippos?!?! I remember being ~crushed~ once when my friend didn't choose me to ride with her...ah, the trials and tribulations of youth.

Um...Steve Urkel? How could you not respect his undying love for Laura?! And remember her dorky cop dad?

My Trapperkeeper had dolphins on it.

Like i said, thanks for the memories!

- Jen

Brianna Heldt said...

okay i never got to ride in the big skate either!!! SUCH a bummer, i totally envied the kids that got to. (jen where did you grow up??)

The Hausams said...

Yep. I remember it well. Great post!

Anonymous said...


i grew up in slo. i probably went to at least a dozen bday parties at flippos when i was a kid. it must have been great for parents - just let 'em skate for a couple hours, eat some cake and call it a day. :)

i really enjoy your blog. i forget exactly how i found it? but it has something to do with the fact that my sister and her husband (caucasian) have adopted a precious little boy (african american, but adopted from the U.S.). it has been an amazing experience!

P.S. did you know they are showing the Goonies at the fremont in slo, on nov. 6th?? i've only seen it on video so it would be fun to watch it on the big screen!

- jen

Jeannett Gibson said...

Got a kick out of your list. Felt like it was my own!

Side note about Goonies. So I loved it as a kid. The other day, it was playing on cable and I was doing stuff around the house, not really paying attention, but it was on in the background. I was even thinking: "I should get this on DVD so that Henry can watch it when he gets older". And then, I hear "s*&#t!". What? And again and again throughout the movie. I didn't remember any cussing?! Okay, no F words, but still, not what I would consider appropriate for a kids movie. Just funny...

Joy said...

trapperkeeper! i haven't heard that name in awhile. what a fun post. i did have to chuckle though, because you said all of this was from elementary school and it was jr. high for me. i'm not used to being one of the oldest ones, but among our little church blog community, i think i might be the oldest. maybe that makes me wiser? yeah, right :)

Just Me said...

I had forgotten all about trapperkeepers! :)
I used to love the Baby-Sitter's Club too....

The Lucky One said...

Cute post. I have to tell you I'm just catching up on your October 5th post. Thanks for sharing that. You never know how you influence others. :) God Bless.


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