Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random Thursday musings

I have really been un-inspired to blog lately! I guess I'm fresh out of ideas, and I hate to post something just to post. (If anyone out there has any post ideas for me, let me know, I could use them. :)) Here are some random thoughts for the day, inspired by my friend Lisa, and some pics of my kids, I guess because I think they're cute. :) That's Anna the day we bought her that rocking chair at a yard sale, and the other is of Yosef, Kaitlyn and Biniam laying under our coffee table. That little girl LOVES her big brothers!

--I've been physically/emotionally exhausted lately b/c Kaitlyn's getting two new teeth (up top), and has been really fussy.

--I use "natural consequences" with the kids, and so today we were really late to the library program because Anna was refusing to pick up her room. Fortunately she still made it in time to hear a story and see a video. She told me next week she'll be sure to clean up sooner.

--Autumn makes me want to live in New England.

--Okay, I've always wanted to live in New England. (My dad was born in Boston and then lived in New Hampshire for awhile, so maybe it's a Perruzzi thing.)

--No one can keep our boys' names straight in their Sunday School class. Joseph, Josiah, Benny, Benian...We've put their names right on the sign in sheet, and have even made a point to correct people, but to no avail. Maybe we should just change the names!

--Why were movies made in the 1980's so cheesily dramatic? I found myself trying not to laugh recently during really sad parts of "Philadelphia" because of the ridiculous music playing. (Good/interesting movie by the way. And who doesn't love Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington?)

--I hope Kevin finishes the book he's reading right now so I can start reading it. ("Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" by Anne Rice.)

--When I think about Britney Spears' kids being taken away from her, it makes me sad.

--Sunday night I made fish for my in-laws and it turned out horrible. Oops.

--Lately I wish I had some sort of creative outlet but alas, I am just not very creative.

--People don't seem as surprised by my gaggle of children in Costco as in other places--maybe because we're all in a huge warehouse surrounded by food sold in bulk (?)

--Did anyone else catch Oprah yesterday? Nate Berkus is great.

--I recently signed up for Google Reader and find it very useful.

--I really enjoy our growth group.

--I'd like to become better at entertaining. Anytime people are over I worry constantly about if they're having a good time, if they hate the food, etc.

--I'm so looking forward to going to sweet Lily's party this weekend!

--I'm a pretty shy person and I think I give off a negative first-impression. I also think I may be hard to get to know. (I'm also pretty self-reflective, if you haven't noticed.)

--Housework is hard with four little ones! I wonder when and how often other moms clean.

--I love being bestest friends with my husband. I so enjoy spending time with him.

--Looking forward to an hour of "The Office" tonight!
--Someday I think I might enjoy being a freelance writer.

--I went into one of those random temporary "Halloween stores" today to look for a small plastic axe, and there was some seriously scary stuff in there!!! (But sadly, no small plastic axe. Maybe that's for the best, as I don't know how much restraint my little Tin Man would be able to show!)

--Anytime I'm at the library in the Children's Room, I feel all excited about my kids learning to read and going to school. Getting to see kids excited about learning and building confidence and self-esteem is pretty neat. I can't believe that next year is Anna's last year before Kindergarten!


Tamara said...

I always joke that I had a perfect and spotless house until my kids started moving... and now with homeschooling, it looks even worse (igloos on the dinner table, paintings on the kitchen walls and the easel and rubbermaid of paint supplies IN the kitchen).

As for the school, it is SOO exciting, the kids are starting on 3 letter words and it is so amazing! I don't know yet, but I think this will be the most awe-inspiring part of their education... because after you know how to read, soon enough you will have information about the whole world at your fingertips.

I could comment on more, but then this comment would become REALLY long!

Lisa Leonard said...

You crack me up! Some thoughts. i know Yosef & Biniam's names and I can tell the apart. I had to correct a few people last week in Sunday school (it was my week to help out.) Maybe I'm more sensitive b/c I'm a twin--actually their names aren't that hard at all!!
I saw a plastic axe the other day--it scared me! :)
I fell really asd about Britney Spears losing her kids, too. It's a tragedy. Mostly for the kids.
Housework is way overrated. I saw a little sign the other day 'Dull women have clean houses". I am definitely not dull :)
Love the pics!!

graceling said...

I've recently started entertaining more, which is really much more difficult than I had hoped. Like you, I can be shy, so opening my home and inviting people I don't know terribly well into my "inner sanctum" and be overwhelming.

However, I have found a few things that help:

~Make food ahead of time (I do a lot of casseroles and such) so that you don't have to be in the kitchen while your guests are elsewhere (or worse, trying to shoo them out of your kitchen because it is seriously the smallest kitchen EVER. But that may only be a concern for me:)

~I always greet my guests with a sincere "Welcome!" Because they are. Even if I'm not always the best at making them feel that way.

~I always "act" as though I am confident and happy to have people over... I create this character in my mind, then act the way she would. (She is kind of a combo of Mrs. Brady, Monica from Friends, my best friend's mom, and any of the women from Sesame St.) And I smile a lot.

It seems to be working so far... people keep coming back and bringing friends:)

I, too, still worry constantly if they are having a good time.

Rachel said...

Why don't you make an axe out of cardboard and aluminum foil?

Lindsey said...

I think you would be very successful as a freelance writer! You are very talented at written expression. Captivating.

Jacquelyn said...

Google reader rocks!! I have flylady, google reader, mapquest and the weather along with a bunch of widgets I don't use on my google homepage.

It's good to know you are shy, I just thought you didn't like me!

Joy said...

you are a great writer, so i definitely think freelance could be in your future. how do you have time to watch oprah? i can never watch tv at that time of day. let me in on your secret! i love lisa's quote about the clean houses and dull women--apparently, that makes me anything but dull, although, i did clean one toilet today. it had scary things growing in it, so i thought it was time.

Kate said...

I have a good idea for a small axe. all you have to do is find a thick stick and then on the top use silver duct tape and create the shape of the blade of the axe...or your could trace and cut one out of card board and then duct tape all over it to make the silver look for the blade. then that way it'll probably be somewhat flimsy depending on how much you tape it so it wouldn't hurt anyone.
i don't know, i've never done it before. it just came to my mind. hope that helps.

Lara said...

I Love your thoughts! I Definitely enjoyed The Office this week. I totally hear you on the house cleaning thing. *sigh* I don't want to admit on the internet when and how often I clean. I think you are a fantastic entertainer. You always just happen to have yummy appitizers to lay out for us when we come. I need to remember that (When I actually have a house to entertain in again). I never realized you are shy. Isn't that funny? I hope you get to be a writer someday.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Loved your thoughts. I hate talking on the phone, so a lot of people have originally thought that I don't like them because I'm always so dry and in a rush to hang I've been workign on that. See you tonight at Lily's!

Rachel said...

I also love your Costco comment.

Anonymous said...

Brianna, I don't think I have ever met you however I was so touched by your story as told by Erika during her testimony. Amazing how God brings families together!
I too am shy and think I put people off or seem standoffish because I am so. It is difficult for me to step outside of my comfort zone and approach people I don't know (it is easier via a blog comment!)
God brought a friend to me who has been instrumental in helping me to develop my skills/confidence as a hostess and seeing it as a time of fellowship rather than a chore. Sometimes the hardest part is inviting people and setting a date. I'll have you and your kids over sometime :) jean alexander

Joy said...

have you checked walmart for the axe? it seems like they have everything!
also, i never knew you were shy either and you are a great hostess. you don't worry about us on Wednesdays, do you?


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