Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We're just home today, all seven of us. The three girls all have yucky colds, and so we're home. Kevin made apple cinnamon pancakes this morning, and we got to read for awhile, and now we're rearranging our living room furniture.

I love working on things arond the house with Kevin. Good thing, I guess, since our 98-year-old house is quite a project. (Let me be clear that Kevin does all of that stuff. I just give ideas.)

Anyhow, it's shaping up to be a quiet weekend. And here's a random question for you: how do you store your fruit? We eat a lot of it, and so I buy quite a bit at once. I just stack it on my counter, or sometimes put it in a huge bowl. What do you do?


darci said...

big bowl on the counter (apples, bananas, oranges), and ziploc bag or another big bowl for grapes. :)

Jenna Hoskinson said...

depends on the fruit. I do have a colander on the counter with citrus fruits and bananas. I keep my apples in the fridge now because they tend to get mealy if I don't. During the summer the kiwi fruits and other goodies usually stay out.

Rachel said...

Doesn't fruit come in cans??? We eat a lot of mandarin oranges. I keep my bananas on a hanging thing separate from other fruit and I put apples and oranges in the fridge. Oh, and I recently started putting my winter squash in my bread door, not sure how that is going to work out yet though.

Shana said...

I put pretty much everything but bananas in the fridge. Apples last forever that way. Seriously, I've never had one go bad.

Charity Hildebrand said...

I LOVE lazy Saturday mornings - we're having a lazy day too :) I also put everything in the fridge but bananas; we hang them on a hook on the counter.


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