Thursday, April 08, 2010


...I took all of the kids to the dentist. (All but Mary had appointments. :) ) They did great, no cavities, had a blast, thrilled about their new toothbrushes. Success!

...We met Kevin for lunch afterwards, and as we were getting everyone settled at a table and preparing to order, a man approached us, told us we had a really special family, and that he wanted to treat us to lunch. Wow. Such an incredibly sweet and generous man, and also such an amazing encouragement. He completely made my day.

...I took the kids to Kohl's and to Ross. They were such troopers while Mommy browsed through the home stuff. I wore Mary in the Ergo, and Anna pushed Kaitlyn in the stroller while Yosef and Biniam walked alongside. Yes it's simpler to go to stores by myself, but I grew up LOVing shopping with my mom (even if we didn't buy anything), and I think it's really important for kids to know how to behave in stores. They usually have a great time, and I also think that children should be seen in society. (Not to mention I don't miss out on time with Kevin this way, if I shop while he's at work!)

And now I am home. Trying to figure something out for dinner and not having much luck. Currently pondering how much better my day would go if I got up at, say, 6 am each day. Pretty sure I don't have the willpower though! And with that, happy Thursday!


Melissa said...

you seriously have a gift for being a mom. dentist appointments, lunch out, kohl's and ross in one day is unimaginable for me at this point and I only have one kid. you do have a special family.

Joanie said...

Woohoo! Free lunch from someone who sees your family for the gift that it is. Right on!

Hmmm, I think about that 6am thing A LOT. I'm pretty sure that was the way it was meant to be, but I'm kind of holding out until kindergarten, when we'll have to be up early regardless. Then I will probably benefit from a 5am morning and on it goes!

Jeannett said...

I've been getting up at 5 the last few months and I LOVE IT. It's hard to get out of bed initially, but it is so nice to be up and coffee'd and ready before anyone else gets up for the day.

Huge day! Sounds like fun! I also take my kids along on shopping trips even though it's hard and takes longer. So far, they are pretty good...but I will admit to promising a candy bar if things are going haywire. :)

Bekah said...

How cool that guy paid for your lunch! I mean you DO have a special family, but still what an amazingly sweet thing to do.

And, while it's possible that getting up of your own volition and having some quiet time to yourself at 6am is different, as someone who is forced to get out of bed at 5:30 each morning to get cereal for one certain unnamed 2-year old boy, I highly recommend sleeping as long as possible.

Angela said...

oh! that is awesome!
i love it!
couldn't have happened to a sweeter family! :)

the other day I heard a mom at kohl's say 'boys, put your hands behind your backs and use your eyes' a few seconds later i hear one little boy yell 'moooooom! tanner just licked that shirt!'

i couldn't help but laugh. it was sooo cute. several kidless moms were standing around trying not to giggle. it was too cute! we've all been there!


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