Friday, January 06, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday {#30}

1.)  It's been awhile since I participated in 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I really like it, but I find I have a hard time keeping my takes "quick."  One of the trickiest parts of writing for me.  So I should probably do it regularly, for the discipline alone.

2.)  Not sure if you follow politics or not, but I find it pretty crazy that Romney beat Santorum by a mere 8 votes in the Iowa Caucus this week.  Apparently sometimes our votes DO count!

3.)  Speaking of voting, I'm currently registered as "Decline to State."  Lame.  I need to change that so I can actually participate in the primaries.  (I haven't always been registered as such but upon moving to Colorado, when the woman at the DMV asked my affiliation, that's what I said--in an act of protest.  This was at the tail-end of my aforementioned Brian McLaren-social-justice-activist phase.  I'm over it.)

4.)  Yesterday morning by 9 am I'd gotten my big kids out the door for the day, and had completely organized my upstairs bathroom cupboards and drawers.  I felt like a superhero.  For reals.

5.)  Of course once you organize one thing, you think about all the million OTHER places in the house that are in desperate need of some TLC.  And suddenly you don't feel like a superhero anymore.

6.)  We watched that movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose a few weeks ago, and in spite of shutting my eyes at all the scary parts I'm STILL terrified.  In less-scary movie news, we finished watching It's a Wonderful Life with the kids last night, and it had me weeping by the end.  Happens every time!  (And it's one of the best movies ever, IMO.)

7.)  I'm attending a meeting next week for a different homeschool program than the one we currently attend.  I LOVE the one we go to, but I have several good friends at this other one, and the kids' closest friends from church attend as well.  Of course I HATE change, and it's possible that we won't make the switch anyway depending on how many fine arts are offered, but part of me really hopes it works out.  It's a bit closer to my house as well, which would be nice.  


Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting!!!


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