Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday night noise

Anna, making noise on her recorder, with sisters looking on.

Has it really been a week since my last blogpost?  Ack!

We've been busy, and I've had a cold of some sort complete with assorted sinus headaches.

And I've actually written two posts, but haven't published them, and I'm not sure if I will.  One of them has the potential to be polarizing, and the other is maybe just too honest.

Truth be told I'm actually feeling a little lacking in the blogging-motivation department.  Coming up with topics to write about, keeping up on emails, and answering questions feels more draining than energizing as of late. 

And as a result I've been thinking about how social media dominates our culture and while so much of it is good, perhaps more is mediocre.   

A priest recently remarked to me that Americans have an obsession with reading books by popular or famous people, instead of reading quality literature written by true, classic AUTHORS.  An astute observation. 

I think I definitely want to cultivate good taste in my life.  To read excellent pieces of literature written by brilliant minds.  To study the lives of virtuous saints who followed after God with all of their being. 

So I'm thinking about paring down my list of blogs I read, and spending a little less time on Facebook.  And I'm hoping to spend more time reading things that challenge, inspire and fill me up. 

It's funny because I recently looked through a book written by someone who is popular (though quickly becoming notorious) in certain Christian circles.  NOT because I was interested in the book, but because it's controversial, and I wanted to see what they had to say, for myself.  And I only bring it up here because it's a good reminder that there's a lot of noise out there.  And by noise I mean blogs and how-to's and this is what marriage/life/motherhood/religion/fashion/________ is all about.  Methinks most of that  noise is probably not worth listening to. 

And yes I'm all too aware that my own blog is adding to the noise.  And, I love to blog.  I do.  And I'm going to keep at it.  But I've been thinking this week about what my blog is and what it should be and what it should not be, and I still kind of don't know.  It's always been a bit of a hodge-podge of things, perhaps even moreso now since my conversion--as I'm regularly either writing or answering peoples' questions about the Catholic Faith.

So, yeah.  Some random Friday night thoughts for you all.  And a cute picture of four of my daughters at a church talent show on New Year's Eve.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and to a lovely weekend of relaxation and time spent with friends.  Happy Friday!


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