Thursday, January 05, 2012

She is loved

Last night.

Mary hurt herself somehow on her way down the stairs.  Because, you know, she's two...and a bit reckless when she picks up speed.

Upon hearing the thump and her subsequent crying, five of her siblings came rushing to her side...all from different parts of the house.

And took her into their laps.

And began singing the sweetest rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that ever I have heard.  One of the few songs Mekdes knows, so I'm assuming that's why they chose it.  The girl loves to sing.

Of course Mary stopped crying.

And just sat.  And listened.  While one of her brothers softly played with her hair.

They must have sung about seven rounds or so.  On the stairs.  Not loud and gregarious, but gentle and sweet.

Every mama hopes her children will get along with each well.  My kids, my parenting, my homemaking, all of these are faaaaaaar from perfect, but I see God's hand and mercy on our lives every single day.  I suppose I can't ask for much more than that.

And the truth is that I find myself frequently challenged by my children to be more loving, patient and accepting.  Which is humbling, because my oldest is, um, 7 years old.  Who'dve thought? 

I'm seriously starting to think that God did when He designed the whole marriage-bringing-forth-children and love growing exponentially and self-sacrifice leading to charity thing.  And I got to see that in action last night, in spite of my stomachache and sleepiness and discouragement about homeschooling. 

A gift straight from God to encourage me in my vocation, just when I needed it.

And how very blessed Mary is to have such dear, wonderful brothers and sisters.  She is loved.  And she knows it.  What more could a mother possibly want for her child?


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