Friday, March 17, 2006

Lively up yourself

Bob Marley CD: $13.99

Watching your kids dance around like maniacs: priceless.

So some families read stories to their kids before bedtime. Not us, though. The Heldts dance to Bob Marley.

I know, we are so weird! But I was at Target one day hoping to pick up some African music for our family. Naturally Target does not have a huge selection of this sort of thing, but they DID have Bob Marley's Greatest Hits, so I bought it. Jemal, our friend we made in Ethiopia (he is a driver for our agency), was listening to it while we were there, so I figured if nothing else, it'd remind us of our trip.

So at one point we put it on for the kids. And the funniest thing happened: instantaneously, they all started dancing! It was like they couldn't help it! Ezra's whole face will light up, grinning, as he claps ferociously and sways back and forth. Isaiah (in his "I'm too cool to look too interested" way) will sit there moving his head back and forth. Anna even gets in on it and her personal favorite "move" is spinning, in addition to jumping up and down. She also likes to sing, so she will go around the house singing, "Jamming! Jamming!" and occasionally "No woman, no cry."

And that is how this has become a Heldt Family Tradition. Every single night after dinner, when we've cleaned up and lotion and pj's are on, we all congregate in the family room and turn on the Bob...and watch the kids dance around like crazy. Kevin and I do our fair share of jammin' too, but not for long...we're too busy laughing at the kids!


Jeannett Gibson said...

Love it!

Shana said...

Too funny! What a great family bonding time! We sometimes do that before bed as well, and it always makes for big laughs. :)

owlhaven said...

Too cute! My 1 year old loves to dance too!

Mary, mom to many

Anonymous said...

How fun and these pictures are precious! We are so anxious to meet these little guys and see their big sister again. Seeing their mom and dad will be great too.:)

Hugs to all,
Mom Heldt

Brianna Heldt said...

Mom Heldt,

We are so anxious for you to meet the boys too!!! I hope the April visit works out!

Love, Brianna


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