Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Master Plan

  1. Post only 3 times.
  2. Lie in wait while my wife, with her warmth, candor, wisdom and delightful prose, attracts a devoted cyberspace following by sharing what God is doing in our lives.
  3. Suddenly resurface to exploit the faithful readers who are now a captive audience and will no doubt give me at least one hearing before forever ignoring anything that has my name attached to it.

Yes, my master plan is now complete. (You can almost hear the maniacal cackling, can't you?) Now if I can just think of something worthwhile to say...

Hello all. I just wanted to "break the silence" and earn a little bit of my place on that contributors list off to the right. And in all seriousness, thanks to all of you who have been following along with us and who have offered such kind words of support. This blog has been a neat thing for us. It has been a neat thing for me. As Brianna has written about our adoption process, as she has shared her thoughts and her heart, I've learned more about the woman I love. (Back in my post on 7/28/05, you know, one of the three, I said that "I'll probably have some blubbery, sensitive moments where you'll all pity me and stuff" so you can't say I didn't warn you!) Not that we haven't already talked about all these things she has written, but there is something about seeing it all written down, seeing her voice and heart come through, and seeing how people have responded. In short, I'm married to one awesome woman! This has been such a great year for us, and it's so awesome to know that all these heretofore strangers have checked in along with our family and friends to share in our blessings as God just continues to heap them upon us.

I feel so honored that God has brought to me these four amazing people (their names are written at the top of the blog if you've lost track of who I'm talking about -- I don't want anyone lost and confused -- not on my watch!) and given me the privilege of calling them my family. My family rocks! I think it's pretty awesome that I have the rest of my life to get to know them better and to see where God takes us. The last couple months have been quite the rollercoaster, but it has been such a good one (like Goliath or Riddler's Revenge, not like Psyclone -- sorry to you non-CA folks for the discriminative analogy -- yes, I did just find the word discriminative on God keeps teaching and challenging us. I feel like I personally maybe "tune in" once every couple of days but even with such a paltry focusedness to work with, He still has gotten through and taught me some things. I have two mini-reminders/lessons in mind that I think I will share in a blog soon. My kids are so great (does this paragraph have a theme by the way? a consistent train of thought? no? okay) -- I don't get to see them nearly enough during the week (I commute so I'm gone from 5:30 'til 6) but boy, do I enjoy the time I do see them. Their simple happiness is so infectious -- I love it! And the "dancing with Bob" is seriously priceless.

Well, I think that will just about do it for now. Let's review what you've learned: I do, indeed, still exist; I love my wife and my children; the parentheses and hyphen keys on my keyboard seem to be stuck in such a way that they show up inordinately more often than they ought in my writing. Okay, great, you all pass. Come again real soon. Bye.


Jeannett Gibson said...

Kevin, you crack me up. You write just like you speak...all jumbled and jumping around with little goofy comments thrown in the middle for good measure! Stream of Consiousness is a literary style (think James Joyce) so, there, you ARE doing it right! :0)

Rachel said...

Kevin you pulled me in. It doesn't say who is writing until the end of the post, AND you were clever enough to write a long enough post that it didn't show up right away. O kay, enough humor, I LOVE reading about your adventures regardless of the author. But to Brianna's credit, she does have the corner on the market for pulling heart strings!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear more of your thoughts, Sonny Boy. I don't know Jeanette but I think she has you nailed. :)

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...


Hearing you fondly expound on your young family makes me think back to the days when you and your brother and sister were children and I had similar feelings of gratitude for what neat kids I and Mom had (and still have). Keep enjoying every minute with them because it goes so fast that it leaves you with a little tug of sadness in your heart when you think back and realize that those days are gone forever. Mom & I must now try to capitalize on spending as much time with our sons, daughters and grandchildren as possible to make new memories.



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