Friday, March 10, 2006

The week in review

(This was us trying to take a family picture before church this past Sunday. Didn't turn out perfectly but oh well!)

We got the results of the labwork back today and found out that both boys have giardia. (We suspected that they had it so it is actually a relief to know they have it for sure, and now we can treat them. It could explain a lot of things, including Isaiah's low weight and also the large soft spot on his head.) Today I have to go up to Arroyo Grande (I guess they have the closest pharmacy that distributes the medication they need) and pick up their medicine.

Isaiah Biniam's bloodwork also came back, and everything was normal! He tested negative for HIV which was great (though initially they tested positive at birth, they've been testing negative for some time, but it is reassuring nonetheless to have them tested here and be negative. It is always a possibility I think, no matter how remote, and just an unknown that you face with adopting children so young from another country, especially whose birth mother has HIV. While it was pretty much guaranteed that they didn't have it, I think you just have to be prepared for some unknown health problems.) However the lab apparently did not draw enough blood for some of the bloodwork so he'll need to have more taken (I am seriously NOT a fan of the lab we go to. Nothing but trouble!) And of course Ezra Yosef still needs his blood taken as they could not get his vein, so we will talk to our doctor in a couple of weeks about all of that at our next appointment.

We are now busy preparing our one month post-placement work to be ready for our post-placement visit with the social worker. I think we maybe should have gotten on this sooner, but our post-placement agency just now mailed us the papers so I guess it was out of our hands. There are some forms for the pediatrician to fill out, stuff for us to fill out AND we have to include 2 sets of 8 pictures each! Sheesh! I'll be dropping off the forms for the doctor today as well. Taking three kids out in the times. :)

As for the kids, they are doing great. This week has been WONDERFUL; we are so getting into a routine and Isaiah seems to be doing better emotionally. This morning he was all smiles and laughs and was even pretty active, crawling under the kitchen table, throwing toys...the usual boy stuff. :)

Wednesday I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese (to meet some other moms from church.) It was the first time the kids (and myself for that matter) have been. It was actually really neat! Anna enjoyed the "rides" and pizza but was terrified of Chuck E. Cheese himself, when he came out to greet the kids. It was really funny. (Every time I venture out with the kids I am reminded of how great they are--happy for the most part and fun to be around. One parent with three toddlers can make for a tough outing, but the kids are just so easygoing that they make it pretty easy!)

Yesterday my friend Rebekah came to spend the day along with her two little girls (one is almost 3 and one is 4 months.) We took all the kids to the new park down the street--and they loved it! It was probably the first time that Anna took off running the minute we got there, climbed up to the top of the play equipment and went down the slide, etc. all by herself, without any prodding from me. I felt proud. :) Ezra and Isaiah have most likely never seen a park in their lives, but they did fine. Ezra also seemed to cry every time I was out of his sight, even if Rebekah was there, which was a really good sign, that he is attaching to me.

So that is the latest. Tomorrow some friends of ours are throwing us a little party for the boys. We're looking forward to it--I think we're even going to wear our traditional Ethiopian clothes in honor of the occasion. Sunday is church and at some point we need to hit up Target for (surprise, surprise) more diapers!


Rachel said...

Wow, I cannot imagine taking three kids to Chuck E. Cheese. You are a ROCK STAR.

I'm glad to hear the boys are gettin gthe medication they need. They will be so happy to be done with those messy diapers. Poor things!

You guys so keep crazy busy by the sound of things. I hope you are all getting the sleep you need! Love you lots, Rachel

Lara Nichols said...

hey, just caught up on all your new blogs... I'm so glad to read how things have gone so well and that you all got back safely. Can't wait to catch up with you soon...

owlhaven said...

Hi you guys--so glad you are doing well! (Showing my big sis genes here) Don't do too much! Home is best for building attachment and helping kiddos get feeling secure especially during the first 3 months or so....
Enjoy hese precious days!

Mary, mom to 8, 2 from Ethiopia

Kim said...

God's blessings to you and yours. Your family is beautiful.

Megan said...

You guys look great. I love your "photojournalistic" family pic! =)

Rachel said...

is the thingy on your mantel from Ethipoia? It kinda looked like a candle, but the picture was meant to be of the fam of course.

Brianna Heldt said...

I believe the candle is from KMart in Santa Maria. :) Hee, hee. You can see the reflection of the light fixture on the ceiling in the mirror right above the candle sitting there, which maybe gives it that "African artifact" sort of look...:)


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